Your pet insurance should cover all types of treatment.

At any professional Veterinary Clinic the principal vet and his team will take great pride in carrying out a thorough diagnosis, and taking whatever steps may be required to make sure that patient care and recovery is maintained at the highest possible level. They will provide the very best facilities possible and use the latest technology available.

It has to be said that, sometimes the surgery and treatments provided can become expensive so a sensible suggestion is for the pet owner to take out pet insurance.

It is not good, when your pet needs treatment to find yourself in the position of being unable to meet the fees for surgery or drugs.

For example if you have a cat you may decide that it’s time for routine neutering at 4-6 months. Neutering bitches before their first season helps to reduce the risk of mammary tumours to a minimum, although they can be speyed at any time other than when they are actually in season.

Any professional veterinary practice will have an onsite operating theatre that is a dedicated clean and safe environment for performing surgery. An experienced vet will carry out a range of orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, using multi-modal anaesthetics that are the safest available.

By performing all surgeries on-site top veterinary practices are able to minimise the risks to your pet. They will not transport your pet to another location to carry out the surgery, and the team that you see at your local clinic is the same team that will carry out the procedure. Having a team is onsite means that regular post operative monitoring is carried out.

A Cardiology specialist will usually be available for small animal cardiology. If you would like to find out more about this speciality, the best team and their skills, experience and qualifications click here.
In the event that your pet may need to be hospitalised overnight, you can rest assured that every comfort and care will be taken.
Clients are welcome to visit their pets at suitable times of the day and this can be arranged through reception.


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