Your Dog Is Constantly Jumping On Others – A Bad Behavior To Stop

How can I train my dog not to jump? It is truly a very frequent problem that affects lots of dog owners. We may not disapprove the dog leaping on us, and in fact a lot of people enjoy it if their dog makes a big fuss of them as soon as they arrive home from work. Nonetheless we doubtless do not want him leaping on specific pieces of furniture or on strangers or visitors to the house, particularly children.

There are a couple of reasons why a dog jumps up on a person.

The primary is a greeting. This is the behavior that you like in your mutt, but if you want to stop him leaping at everyone, it is good to encourage him to greet you in a different manner. As a substitute, you might encourage a greeting where you get down to the dog’s level so he will not jump and perhaps let him lick you or give him a pat on the head. That will prevent him needing to jump on you.

The other reason that dogs leap on people is to assert themselves and make the person submit. This is the attitude that most people desire to prevent when we are asking how to train my dog not to jump.

A command must be exploited, like “down” or “off” to teach your dog. The command has to be said determinedly and you must also be vigilant not to reward the dog with positive comportment, such as laughter or a smile.

If your dog is used to being rewarded with positive comportment from you, you could provide the opposite response to that attention that he is expecting when he does something wrong. For example, while telling the “off” or “down” command to your pooch you could grasp his front paws and place him determinedly down on the floor. This technique will also work just as well with furniture jumping. Other family members will as well need to start doing this so the dog receives a steady message.

Alternatively, when he jumps on you, do not touch him but bare your teeth in a snarl. This particular training can be effective with young dogs or puppies for the reason that this is how a mother dog trains her pups. If you do it without making a barking noise it won’t scare your pup, but it will establish that you are in-charge of the situation.

The most difficult thing I learned when I would train my dog not to jump was that most people love it when a dog jumps on them in a welcoming way. This is especially correct with a pup or a small dog. Despite the fact that most adults don’t enjoy it if big dogs jump up on them, they welcome it from smaller animals and will eventually compliment the dog with games or positive affection. They do not like to say ‘Down!’ because they do not want others considering they are scared of the dog!

Before visitors arrive at your residence you will plan to clarify the importance of your training to them to attempt and avoid conflicting reactions to your dog. Give explanation to them that while your dog is yet a pup that he will be growing into a very large dog that they might not like him leaping up on them and knocking them over later on. Even a small dog could shock children, or if the pooch is dirty it might be annoying for anybody. Thus this truly is something that you need to train your dog not to do.

When friends realize this, they will frequently be prompt to help you train the dog. I learned this worked well if I revealed to my buddies that I required to train my dog not to jump so that he does not intimidate strangers and kids.



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