You have a new puppy, what you need to do next.

Inviting a young dog into your family is so important. You want to keep in mind that your new puppy dog has just been separated from its mother, brothers and sisters and everything that they thought the world was. You can reduce the chance of dog anxiety issues by making a little effort.

Imagine you’re a little child of 5 – 6 years old and you have just been ripped away from everybody and everything you have known. If you take a moment to think about this, you will have much larger understanding and compassion for your new pup and what they may be thinking.

Create diversions.

Creating diversions can work great. If you haven’t already got some toys for your new puppy now’s the time. They aren’t expensive; they only cost a couple of dollars each. It’s a truly good idea to introduce a new toy every couple of days.

The goal should be that your little dog has 3 or four toys to choose between at any particular time. Changing the toys over every 3 or four days will keep things new and interesting for your new puppy.

Chewable treats.

Puppies love to chew; it is their favourite thing to do. Puppies will generally chew on pretty much anything and why they do this is to explore their world. Chewing also has an very important role in the development of your puppy’s teeth.

When you’re looking for chewy treats make sure that they are suited to your puppy’s age and stage of development. There are many products available that is designed purely for puppies.

Plenty of exercise.

Puppies have lots and lots of energy. They need lots and lots of exercise. You’ll need to allow at least two hours a day for puppy playtime. Playtime can consist of basic reward training or merely playing. Your puppy’s body and brain needs a great deal of stimulation and they have to learn a whole lot in an exceedingly short time.

Exercise for your dog should consist of a number of times during the day, half-hour blocks normally works best.

Next, discover how to reduce the risk of anxiety in puppies. Dog anxiety is a very big problem having an effect on over 35% of domestic dogs. It is really important to be properly prepared before taking delivery of your brand new pup. Learn all about the simplest way to welcome your little dog into your family.


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