What In The World Are Dogtra Electronic Collars?

If you’ve just purchased or acquired a dog, whether it’s a hunting dog or a working dog, you’re probably going to need to give it some training.  Cooperation and effective, safe training are paramount to success, so you’ll be looking for a way to achieve all three goals.

For many hunting dog owners, the Dogtra Training Collar is the option they use making them one of the leading brands of dog training collars.  The Dogtra Training collar has some features that helped make it a leading brand including:

Safety Features: no static impulse is available above a safe level and no “accidental” jolt is possible, nor are sustained stimulations due to something sticking on the button or holding it down.

Waterproof: this feature is even more important if you’re training a hunting or fielding dog (although it’s helpful for pets as well) because you will be spending time outside with your dog;

Controlled Stimulation: You can control the type of stimulation your dog should receive. It is up to you whether your dog needs a gentle reminder or a larger impact for his behavior.

Pager: You can train your dog to behave without electronic stimulation.

Some people believe that training collars that deliver a stun to a dog means you’re being inhumane.  This is simply a myth – these collars are veterinarian approved and are safe for your dog, and the added safety features ensure safe use.  The secret to the successful use of the Dogtra Training Collar and any other type of training device is to combine the stimulation with a voice command so that your dog begins to learn what it expected of him.

Some of the Dogtra Dog Training Collar models that are available now are:

Dogtra 200NCP Gold Dog Training Collar

The Dogtra 200NCP Gold Dog Training Collar is perfect for a small or medium sized dog that is typically less than one half mile from you when you’re attempting your training.  This unit provides a lightweight collar for your dog as well as a lightweight transmitter for your use.  You control when the collar is activated for training purposes using the transmitter.  This is the ideal unit for those who are hunting since it provides such a wide range (880 yards) and trying to teach the pet acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Dogtra 175NCP Dog Training Collar

This unit is top of the line. The Dogtra 175NCP is a waterproof unit that will work when your dog is up to 400 yards (1200 feet) away from you.  This unit is not only very helpful for hunters but also is very helpful for those who are training a family pet who is typically in closer contact with their owners.

All Dogtra Dog Training Collars are known to be safe, and they are effective in training all kinds of dogs, be it a family pet at home or a new hunting dog. Because of its safety measures, you can be assured that your dog will not be injured or harmed when training him.


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