Ways to control your dog’s fear of loud and sudden noise.

You are enjoying New Year’s Eve or fourth of July celebrations with your buddies and relatives and then comes the time that you’ve been waiting all night for, the fireworks.

From the first bang your dog starts to panic, yelping, running around and it seems irrespective of what you do, your dog will not relax. By concentrating on your dogs panic you have entirely missed the entire fireworks display. Possibly you are feeling disappointed and are also concerned about your dog’s behaviour.

Fear of fireworks and other loud sudden noises is a typical fear all canines. The explanation for this is that a dogs hearing is far more acute than human hearing. It is claimed that dogs hearing is up to 9 times more acute than human hearing. Dogs also hate unfamiliar and unpredictable sounds. Use these dog training tips to help your dog’s fear of intense sounds.

Desensitization technique.

Find a recording of the fireworks display either an audio track or a You Tube video. Play this to your dog on a low volume to start with. It is best to start this kind of desensitisation a fortnight before attending a fireworks display and must be done daily.

Increase the volume slightly each day , being guided by how your dog is dealing with the sound. Attempt to encourage play with your dog while the track is being played so that they will associate fun and time with you with the sound of fireworks.

Stay relaxed.

Dogs are amazingly sensitive and will pick up on changes in your mood right away. If you’re worried about how your dog might react when the sound of the fireworks starts, your dog will pick up on the change in your mood. Try and remain neutral during the fireworks and do not act any differently toward your dog.

Permit safety.

If your dog wants to hide from the sound under a bed or in a cupboard, permit them to do it. Don’t fight with your dog and attempt to make them come out of their safe hiding place. If your dog hides while trying to desensitization strategy be sure to subdue the volume to a level that’s comfortable for your dog while they’re in the room.

Next, discover other helpful suggestions to manage dogs and fireworks and learn much more about dog anxiety symptoms, causes and effective treatments so that you can efficiently manage your dog anxiety issues.


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