Watch your child and your new puppy to achieve a happy and successful bonding

Children do not instinctively know how to bond with a puppy you should realise if you are thinking a pup to your family. Even though dogs ands children usually bond effortlessly, you will need to supervise so that the child’s bonding with the new puppy is both happy and safe.   Canines, like people have unique temperaments and personalities, and some canines are naturally more patient with children than others.

Make sure your child or toddler knows and understands that when the dog is eating, they must never approach the dog. Most dogs are territorial over their food bowls.   Your toddler must not be allowed to take food from the dog’s bowl, no matter how good his temperament is. Your child must understand that he/she must leave the dog alone during food time.

Some dogs will snap if picked up when  they are sleeping. A frightened or disturbed dog could instinctively snap, so it is important to teach your child not to pick up a sleeping puppy. Moreover, you should always monitor young toddlers with the family pup, because many dogs are can become frightened of children because of their unpredictable nature. Before introducing a dog into your household, make sure it is a breed that is known to be agreeabe with children

Teach your toddler how to pet and play with a dog. You should also teach your child how to speak to the pup, this means approaching the pup with a happy tone that is very gentle. Toddlers and young children mimic your behavior.    If you are talking to the dog happy and calmly, your child will imitate you.   Teaches that child early on that being too rough with the pup is not acceptable or desired behavior.

Any interactions with a toddler and a dog always need to be supervised because this is the best time to teach a child how to pet a dog, play with a dog, appreoach a dog, and bond with the dog.

 Our writer has 3 dogs of her own and therefore has alot of experience.  She lives and works in Spain where her online marketing business represents a number of local companies such as a local builder in Javea who specialises new bathrooms in Javea, windows in Javea and other services.


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