Washing Methods For Dogs

Gun dogs need to be washed so that their coats stay fresh and healthy, although do not be shocked if the gun dog soon has the aroma of his old self right after bathing.  Dogs choose their own natural smell and do not take to the doggie deodorant that a lot of groomers put on the gun dogs.  

When you should wash the hunting dog

It is wise to get a gun dog accustomed to bathing as a puppy.  In general, gun dogs don’t like baths.  They will most likely avoid a bath, even though it is critical for their health.  Bathing doesn’t merely clean the coat and make the hunting dog more desirable to pet, but it is also a excellent opportunity for owners to try to find fleas, ticks or bugs on the dog as well.  This may be preventative in the hunting dog acquiring many health conditions that are borne from these insects.   When the bird dog gets accustomed to the water as a pup, it will be simpler to bathe him as an adult.  

How often to bath a bird dog?

It is not good to bathe a dog more than once per month.  This has a tendency to let the layer dry.  The natural oils from the skin supply the coat a luster as well as avoid itching and dry skin.  Once a month is fine for bathing a dog.  Numerous gun dog owners who reside in four season climates will skip the winter months if they would like the bird dog to shake himself off outdoors.  
What type of shampoo?

Just as infants have delicate skin and require special shampoo, so do dogs.  Owners must avoid using human shampoo on the dog.  There are lots of dog shampoos that you can buy.  These really should be used in the bathing process. Click here for further products for your hunting dog.

What sort of water and where?

The laundry tub is good for smaller dog breeds, nevertheless the bathroom tub is fantastic for bigger breed dogs.  Fill up the bathtub up with warm water and ease the bird dog into the bath.  The bird dog should be held onto tight so that he does not escape you can even utilize a flat dog collar or choke chain attached to a lead to keep control over your gun dog, having said that remember using a dog shock collar is not a wise decision while giving a bath.  Speak soothingly to him and make it appear like a game.  Splash water over the gun dog and then shampoo him, ensuring the ears are cleaned also.  After the dog has been shampooed, rinse the shampoo off.  Wrap the bird dog in a blanket and hold him as tight as you can to let him shake off the water.  This can be done in the bathroom on chilly days, though the majority of dog owners favor that the dog performs this outside.  

Never use water that is too hot or too cold for the hunting dog.  Check the water by placing an elbow in the water – if you find neither a cold or hot sensation, the water will be ideal for bathing.  

How about grooming?

The bird dog bath is a wonderful time for you to groom the dog.  His hair should be brushed out and blow dried.  The nails should be cut and also the teeth brushed.  Doggie deodorant is likely to make him smell good for approximately 1 hour.  He will quickly lick himself so that he becomes comfortable enough in his own skin.  

Alternative solutions?

If you are living in a warm environment and have an outdoor shower, this could be better for the bird dog.  Bird dogs which are extremely attached to the owner won’t also mind showering with them.  Many owners prefer a shower over a doggie bath since it has a tendency to wash the soap off the fur much better.  

Dog bathing may time consuming, but it’s required for the healthiness of the dog.  In some instances, such as if a dog rolls around in mud or even worse, dog bathing should happen straight away.


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