Try Using Innotek Ultrasmart Training Collars for Your Dog

Today, we are learning more and more about training hunting dogs using the relatively new technology called electronic dog training collars. These hunting dog supplies have changed the way that working dogs are trained, especially hunting dogs.

The best aspect of the electronic training collar is the fact that you can interact with your dog during training, and you can even do so from a remote location while your dog is working. We’ll take a look at the various collars and learn its effectiveness.

Electronic training systems consist of two parts: transmitters and receivers.  The transmitter is usually in the hand-held unit and is controlled by the trainer while the receiver is usually worn in the dog’s collar.  Correcting a dog–at home, in the field hunting, or during a show—is done by sending a signal from the trainer’s transmitter that sends a light volt of static shock to the dog through the collar.  These corrections are light and do not harm the dog, but they do distract the dog, which corrects bad behavior.    This quickly increases the training pace.

When you are searching for an effective electronic training collar for your dog, you want one that is reliable and safe.  Innotek is the premier electronic dog training collar supplier.  Whether you need a backyard system that allows you to train more than one dog or you want a simple system to train your pet at home, Innotek has a product that will meet your needs.

Durability is a great trait of Innotek brand products, and you can also expec high quality which is guaranteed by the way of the best components. With the Innotek Ultra Smart Training collar, you can choose from 15 levels of stimulation, which will allow you to train more than one dog. It is also equipped with sounds in conjunction with electronic stimulation as a reminder for your dog.

Innotek UltraSmart training collars provide the best value through the IUT 300 series.  This system is ideal for those who need to train two dogs at once and at a distance.  These collars have a range of up to 300 yards via either electronic or sound correction.

Some of the features not available on any other collar on the market that the IUT 300 offers include: self-diagnosis, electronic fit testing, battery strength displays, and lithium-ion battery technology.  Nine levels of stimulation plus sound stimulation means full versatility on these training collars.

Extra-long probes for long-haired dogs are also available as well as lanyards, test lights, and instructional DVDs.  Innotek is committed to ensuring that you and your dog get the most from their products when training.

Some other popular brands of dog training collars include SportDOG and Dogta.


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