Tri-Tronics Sport Series Dog Training Collars Are The Most Effective Available On The Market

You must have a shock collar that works as hard as your bird hunting dog works for you.  The Tri-Tronics Sport series are the most sturdy dog training collars on today’s market, being a hundred percent waterproof and designed to take the punishment given to them by dog for bird hunting.  Bird dogs dive through underbrush, jump into mud, swim streams, dive into lakes, plus more since they try to grab the game.  You need to have a electric dog training collar that can tolerate this abuse.

Once you have made a decision to use a electronic dog collar, you are making an investment into training gear that you’ll need to ensure .  Under all circumstances.  Tri-Tronics stands behind their products’ sturdiness.

Benefiting from state-of-the-art engineering to produce both small and durable receivers and transmitters is how Tri-Tronics produces on their guarantee.  Their systems are designed to work effectively come rain, sleet, snow or worse.  No matter the climate you and your dog function in, Tri-Tronics will be there with you.

Apart from the stream-lined size and durability, the Tri-Tronics Sport series permits you to train as much as three dogs at a time, consequently they’re really versatile.  If you’ve got multiple dogs and don’t possess a system to accommodate, that’s a genuine problem.  Tri-Tronics Sports series are specially designed with twenty levels of stimulation too, with each dog being controlled separately.  Since some actions demand merely a light reminder yet others require more significant correction, these types of stages of stimulation (which are all operated from the transmitter) allow for optimum flexibility for each situation.

Tri-Tronics also knows that working and gun dogs are certainly not always close by, so their transmitters will work with the receivers up to 1 / 2 mile away, giving you terrific range to work in.

For going beyond electronic stimulation to audio prompts or reminders, the Tri-Tronics Sport series also provides this particular with the beeper choice.  This emits a sound, but no stimulation, and also for praise-positive being a stronger training tool than negative.  This allows you a complete array of tools for training your dog or dogs, that will make it much easier, faster, and longer-lasting.  The Tri-Tronics system provides a full-range of tools that will help you train a cheerful, healthy, and obedient dog for bird hunting.


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