Transmitter Size And Control Over Electronic Dog Collars

Once you start to look to get a Electric Dog Training Collars, you will see quite a wide variety of transmitters you will work with to provide the required stimulation to your dog.  Several of them are as small as a keychain while some are larger and fit comfortably in your hand.  Obviously, the kind of transmitter you ultimately choose is definitely the one that you feel most comfortable.  

Exactly What Does A Electronic dog training collar Do?

A electric dog collar provides stimulation to your hunting dog provided by frequency waves.  The gun dog wears the receiver training collar and you control the transmission of the stimulation.  The purpose of the electric dog training collar is to get your bird dog to listen to you orders.  Your dog wants to make you happy and, when you’ve got a good  bird dog, they would like to be able to exercise his natural instincts to hunt.  

Difference In Stimulation

There’s 2 different kinds of stimulation you’ll be able to give your bird dog when you are using a transmitter with a Electronic Dog Collars.  This includes temporary stimulation which gives your hunting dog a “nick” informing him that what he has done is inappropriate.  You could also use steady stimulation if he is doing some thing extremely incorrect or dangerous such as taking off running.   You may also control the amount of stimulation that you deliver to your bird dog.  Larger sized dogs require more intense stimulation than smaller dogs.   When using continuous stimulation, however, almost all dog shock collars time out after about Seven seconds.  This is to protect against any unneeded punishment of the gun dog.  

The purpose of the dog shock collar is to get the dog to become an obedient animal.  When you make use of voice instructions along with the stimulation, he will soon learn to obey upon command.  You can get your gun dog trained faster by utilizing dog training collars and he will be a much better hunting companion, as well as a better pet.  

Why Do You Use A Large Transmitter?

You could possibly question the reason why someone might select a larger transmitter when they can have one that’s small and fits in the palm of their hands.  Hunters typically love the larger sized transmission units because they’re much easier to hold and have less of a tendency to get lost.  Furthermore, if you work with gloves to hunt, you may feel more confident with a bigger sized transmission device.  

When choosing a electric dog training collar, take into account the size of your gun dog and how you intend to train him.  For field training, it could possibly be more effective to use a bigger transmission device, even though this is still a matter of choice.  You will also want to make sure that the receiver fits around the animal comfortably and is not too restricted.  Once you are confident with the fact that your bird dog is properly trained and obeys upon voice command, you may be able to get rid of the use of the dog shock collar.  Gun gun dogs have natural hunting instincts and love to please their human hunting companions.  Training a gun dog by using a dog shock collar will make the training time go by faster, making your bird dog a valuable asset to hunting as well as a fun companion to bring on hunting trips.


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