Training For German Shepherd

Who is on top of things right from the start? One of the first questions an owner of a giant dog must answer concerns his duty to the dog. The owner must stay in control because German Shepherds are among the largest breeds in the world. You should be your pet’s leader and not the other way around. When your dog acknowledges your authority, you can proceed with training. Even for a minute, you should not surrender your authority. Don’t underestimate your dog’s intelligence. But you should not worry because a German Shepherd is tractable.


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Where and when does the training begin?


Training can start when the dog follows one leader. Your pet will accept this set up. You can also transfer this authority to other members of your family. In most families this idea may be developed easily, if one person sets the commands and responses for the animal and the remainder of the family adheres to the commands. The one thing that must be avoided at all costs is not providing training for the new puppy. Just like a child who is learning every day, so must the life of the shepherd puppy be, an instructional unit in his life. All German Shepherd puppies will come equipped with their own understanding of how life is to be led and given the prospect, they will display their intelligence by assuming the leadership position. This is the very reason that German Shepherd dog training must begin immediately.

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The Essentials


German Shepherd puppies are very clever. German Shepherds are traditionally herders. They are naturally able to control their feelings and their actions. Based on the type of coaching he received, the German Shepherd will react quickly to motivation. Do your best when training your German Shepherd so that he will follow your orders. Regular training together with exercise should be done.  German Shepherds are aloof to other creatures when not trained. If brought up in the presence of kitties and other dogs, socializing could come very quickly.


Training time is always going to be important to the dog and the household or owner. Remember, do not change your method of rewarding a reasonable reaction by your dog. Never tell the dog to “stroll” when you mean “walk”. German Shepherd dog training requires that the command must be clear and when completed by the dog, a treat needs to be awarded.


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Realistic Expectations


As an intellectual dog, the German Shepherd puppy will exhibit that his attention span is not quite as extended you might want. Boredom can influence your German Shepherd’s instruction.  In time, your dog’s attention span may become extended. Pick a simple command like “sit” and work with that command only until your dog comes to know what it is that you want.  


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