Tips For Handling German Shepherd Behavior

What is the German shepherd’s conduct towards its owner? Allow me to share some thoughts on how you can build a solid bond with your German Shepherd.


The German Shepherd is one of the best dogs you can own. This breed originates from Germany. These dogs are fine-looking and smart, and they are workers in cattle farms and ranches even before they started winning dog shows. The male height is between 24 to 26 inches while the female can range from 22 to 24 inches. The breed has so much potential as a companion dog and even a guard dog. They’re smart enough to follow orders precisely.


These canines are normally found in military camps and in police command center. A German Shepherd is also ideal as a family pet. The German shepherd has many traits in its character and conduct that makes it an ideal pet for the family.

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It’s important to learn more about the German shepherd’s nature before you get your pet from the store.


To begin with, you ought to know that dogs are as unique as people in general when it comes to temperament. So, German shepherd conduct might vary from dog to dog, but it does have common qualities that it shares with its dog breed. These traits may help with training. A German shepherd brought up in an uncaring or harsh environment may be aggressive and hostile towards human beings, but a German shepherd that’s raised in a caring and great setting grows up to be the best of pets.


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A typical German shepherd is courageous, compliant and energetic. They are fast learners. They are loyal to the pack, or the family they were brought up in. They respect their owners and they loathe being left alone.


German shepherds are not slothful creatures. They need the exercise. They show the “can do” attitude when they are given a difficult task. A German shepherd’s conduct displays flexibility that can been seen when they’re working in their jobs. This dog breed is well-loved by the police for this reason!


The German shepherd is the right companion for the visually impaired. When they walk right into a store, the dog will sit peacefully in a curve until its time for their master to leave.


He would be happy to complete a job, even when it’s just walking together with his blind master to the park. A number of persons accuse the German shepherd for being too aggressive which can be true. What they don’t understand is that this dog breed is aggressive for reasons that are not its fault. For example, if the a German shepherd’s owner does not make an effort to socialize and train its pet, then its aggressive nature will come out in front of strangers and other pets. Being aggressive also has a lot to do with the German shepherd’s instinct to look after his herd. This is why they make such good sentry dogs. But, German shepherds kept as pets could be trained to be made indifferent towards strangers and other animals.


A German shepherd may be your best dog if you invest time and effort into schooling. It will be worth it because you will have a friend for life!



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  1. I have watched your video when i was triinang my near one year ancient German Shepperd mix and she is doing fantastic. We just picked up a pit bull mix all white with blue eyes… low and behold our poor girl is deaf. We were wondering if you have any suggestions. She gos into feeding frenzy panic mode when we do treat triinang. Were also not sure how her sight is doing. We plot in taking her to a teacher but need a quick start for “no” and potty triinang… any thoughts will help.

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