Thirteen Colored Pomeranian Puppies

The Pomeranian breed originates in the Pomerania region of western Poland and eastern Germany, it is a part of the Spitz family of dogs and is considered a toy breed due to their miniature size. They are ideal city dogs due to their very diminutive size and the Pomeranian puppies may have of any of thirteen colors usually occurring in their coats. Intelligence and Loving Nature The Pomeranian puppies are a small breed that has long double coats that are in need of being brushed once in a week. The little dogs of this breed look wonderful around the house, they are a lively breed of dogs that like to learn, sociable with the other pets of the family and getting well along with all the family members. It is a toy breed that is intelligent as well and is known for its extreme loyalty to its owner and is a very loving pet that is eager to please as well as being gentle and affectionate at the same time. One may expect to see inquisitiveness as well as curiosity in their expressions that are other endearing qualities found in Pomeranian puppies. Pomeranian puppies are always in need of excellent dental care and should also be groomed by regularly brushing their long coats. Pomeranian puppies may lose their teeth and so their teeth should be cleaned regularly and one may give them dry foods so that their teeth stay healthy and firm. As these dogs are quite active, it is recommended to give your Pomeranian puppy a daily walk, to allow them to play as much they like with the family members and to teach them some tricks. These dogs are very well suited to apartment life as well as small homes because they are small, but in the mean time they love to have something to do, and it would be wise to keep them occupied to prevent them from turning into bored puppies. The Pomeranian puppies shed once or twice in a year and they should be bathed once a month; they also need their eyes and ears as well as teeth to be cleaned regularly. You can prevent its long and luxurious coat from getting matted by learning to take good care of it. They need regular nail care and their coats can be trimmed once in a while, so there may no more be any need for combing. A list of useful Pomeranian puppy names would include names such as Chef, Rover, Jughead, Archie, Groucho, Harpo, Lil Bita Luck, Simple Pleasures, All that Jazz, Jazzy, and even Fritz. In order to make its life comfortable as well as interesting, give it lots of puppy toys, snuggle bear blankets and other puppy supply items. One should not have much difficulty in finding a Pomeranian puppy for sale and one need only search “Puppies for Sale” advertisements or check out some good Pomeranian breeders or search on the Internet or ask about from people who already own Pomeranians, and especially if they own a female, if they would sell you a puppy when a litter comes about. This is a very popular toy breed and there are many sources available for procuring a Pomeranian puppy. One may choose a Pomeranian puppy according to its ancestors and also choose between a male and female, depending on whether you want to breed further or want a companion that is of the same gender as you. Female puppies may be cuddlier while males would be more independent. Once you get the puppy home you would need to know all about Pomeranian puppy care.


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