The Reasons Why You Need To Have A Shock collar To Help You Train Your Bird Hunting Dog

Years ago, dog shock collars have been known as “shock collars” and regarded as being an inhumane way to train a bird dog.  Things have changed in this department for the better – both for dogs as well as their trainers.  Today’s dog shock collars tend to be extremely effective as well as gentle to use on dogs.  

Almost all bird dog handlers today use electric dog training collars to train hunting dogs.  This is particularly essential if you are training gun dogs.  Hunting dogs are the ones that accompanies hunters who go after small game and hunt with shotguns.   The type of electronic dog collar which you use would depend on the type of bird dog that you will be using as well as the kind of hunting which you do.  

You may, after all, want to think about range when you are hunting with a pointer.  A pointer will track the prey, follow it and point it out for the hunter.  They work just like spaniels except that they cover a lot more ground and don’t usually flush out the prey.  Those who hunt wild game such as pheasant will most likely work with either a pointer or a spaniel.  If you are hunting wild game in the thicket, you will need to have an electric dog training collar that covers a wide transmission range so that you can use it to successfully train your gun dog.  

On the other hand, if you are hunting duck or waterfowl along with your retriever, you will want to be sure that the shock collar is water-proof, as retrievers are apt to get wet.  There are long range and water-proof electronic dog training collars on the market to train your hunting dogs.  

Dogs do not understand you shouting at them moments once they have done something incorrect.  The longer the period of time between the infraction and the admonishment, the more perplexed the bird dog is likely to get.  And the older the bird dog gets, the more undesirable habits he obtains and the more difficult it can be to train him.  This makes shock collars so effective.  They can give the hunting dog a “nick” the second that he does something wrong. This will make him comprehend the right behavior much quicker – something that will be a lot easier on him and you. 

The quicker you’ve got your bird dog trained and ready for the hunt, the better off for both you and your bird dog.  Gun dogs are social animals and live to please what they consider to be the “top dog.”  In this case, it needs to be you.  You are doing your hunting dog a disservice to extend the training period in any way as it will simply make the bird dog more troubled – not to mention you.  

When you have a well behaved dog that is an efficient hunter, both you and the hunting dog will be at peace with one another.  The bird dog will realize his part and you’ll have a hunting buddy for a lifetime.  Making use of an electronic dog collar is the best method to allow the gun dog to be trained in one of the most compassionate manner.  You can select from a variety of electronic dog training collars that are available on the market that are created to help you make your hunting dog into a expert hunter and lovable pet.   


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