The Monkey faced Dog

A dog breed noted for its monkey-like face originates from Germany in the 17th century. The dog gained the nickname Monkey Dog. French breed enthusiasts calls the dog Diablotin Moustachu, a name that means mustached little devil. This dog was primarily developed to be a rodent catcher. As such, the dogs are usually seen in barns, stables and kitchen chasing rodents away.

A high level of intelligence, an affectionate nature and the renowned clownish personality are the admirable qualities of an Affenpinscher. The Affenpinscher is certainly the correct choice for a dog owner wanting a pet that has the ability to amuse the family with its comic antics. This breed is really amusing as it has this attitude of showing off to get people’s attention every chance it could get. For that reason, the dog has left its modest corner in barns and stables to be the pampered and highly valued pets that are provided comfortable accommodations including the laps of its adoring owners. However, this dogs has a cunning personality. The sly dog has what it takes to wrap the owners around its little fingers. The dog is so small but it knows how to use it wiles to make the whole family give in to its demands. This dog is highly valued as a family companion because of its admirable qualities but owners must never forget that the dog can be overbearing if allowed. A spoiled Affenpinscher can easily develop into a little tyrant. This spoiled pet can sulk all day if things would not go according to its wishes. This dog will not put up with any kind of teasing especially from unfamiliar faces. Loving care but consistent firm training would have positive results and turn this mustached little devil into spunky but lovable toy-like pet that will consistently bring joy to the family.

The Affenpinscher is listed as one of the toy breeds. The size makes this dog an ideal choice for an apartment dweller. Potential owner though has to realize that not like other toy breeds, an Affenpinscher has considerable exercise requirements. This breed must be allowed to exercise daily. Bear in mind, in spite of the size, the dog is very active. Apart from the cuddly size, an Affenpinscher forms a strong bond with its human family so that family members may take turns in cuddling the dog. An Affenpinscher not given the chance to let off steam will turn into a destructive dog. Properly cared for and correctly trained, an Affenpinscher will be an ideal pet that will never cease to provide the family with loving and devoted companionship.


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