The Dog Bark Collar Is safe To Use

When you walk your dog you can meet various people and if you talk to some of them about buying a Dog Bark Collar, you’ll probably hear they are cruel or inhumane devices. If you want to find out why are these collars cruel, they cannot explain, but if you insist you’ll find out that these people have never experienced the shocks and have not even seen such a collar. They don’t speak out of their own experience, but they are only passing on the false information they have received from other people. The intensity of the electronic shocks delivered by these collars depends on the power of their source, or as they are powered by two penlight batteries, the intensity of the shock cannot harm a dog in any way. The dog bark collar is effective only because dogs don’t understand electricity and are startled by the electric shocks. These collars issue aversive stimuli to surprise the dog and induce it an unpleasant feeling, not to do it any harm or pain. Any responsible dog owner will try the collar to experience what the dog will feel, and they all can say there is no pain at all, no matter the intensity. Of course the dog won’t like the feeling of neither the beep, nor the electric shock. Opponents of the use of bark collar will continue arguing, they will say the collars may harm the dog mentally or emotionally. These people don’t know that dogs, as all animals, learn all they know from their parents and others of their kind through the corrections received when behaving wrong. Moreover, all the dogs will learn to avoid any correction within only a few days. A good quality collar will make a buzzing sound before any electrical stimuli is delivered, and a dog quickly learns that the buzzing is followed by a very mild correction. The collars are built to start only after two or three barks, to issue a warning beep at the next barks and to deliver a mild electric shock if barking continues. If the dog ignores the correction, the following will be more intense and so far up to the highest level. There are rare cases of dogs that continue barking long enough to receive the highest level of correction. Most of the dogs are clever enough to avoid shocks through stopping barking at the sound of the warning beep. If the Dog Bark Collar would be in any way harmful for the dog, its use would be forbidden in European countries, which have some of the strictest anti cruelty laws in the world. The truth is no other training method is more successful. Professional dog trainers have rather a low success rate when it comes to train a dog to stop barking without using the dog bark collar, but for an untrained dog owner this success rate is much lower. There are many cases of dogs that have been poisoned by the neighbors who were angry due to its unceasing barking. In other cases owners are forced to get rid of the dog, which in turn is upsetting for both the owner and the dog. The use of the dog bark collar is safe and humane, while these devices are the most efficient training tools a dog owner can employ to solve the barking problem of its pet.


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