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Crucial Supplies You’ll Want To Take Into Consideration For Your Bird Hunting Dog 1st Aid Kit

Every single hunter who goes out into the field with his gun dog should carry a initial aid kit: both for himself and 1 for his hunting dog.  You by no means know when something will take place and being ready is probably to determine whether the injury is taken care of or becomes a real problem.  There are many excellent initial aid kits for dogs it is possible to buy.  
Your dog’s care is as much as you, so it is your responsibility to make sure that you’ve performed your finest to take care of him in the field or at household.  Bandaging a wound with a torn shirt versus a sanitized medical dressing produced for the job can mean the difference among an injury that can heal along with a serious injury that could turn into debilitating or life threatening.  The few dollars you invest now on a initial help kit for the hunting dog could mean the distinction.
Right here is what to appear for in a fantastic hunting canine initially aid kit:
A Initial Help GuideThis guide must cover the basics of very first aid for dogs.  It need to show ways to bandage wounds, do mouth-to-snout resuscitation, and use the other items contained within the very first aid kit to assist your hunting dog.  This really is for emergencies and does not replace usual veterinary care, not surprisingly.  Read the guide just before you go out so that you are familiar with all the info in it and will either know it or be superior in a position to obtain it quickly.
TweezersSmaller and usually forgotten, these little pincers are a Godsend if you have slivers to remove.  Just like in humans, a splinter that enters a dog’s foot pad or another element of the physique can bury itself in the skin and function its way deeper, at some point becoming an abscess.  This abscess will grow to be infected and could spread its infection all through the body.
Hydrogen PeroxideThis very simple, affordable, and misunderstood liquid would be the basis for any excellent first help kit.  It’s a sterilizer that could be made use of safely on animals and causes no discomfort.  Use using a sterile gauze pad to clean a wound, prep a splinter web page ahead of removal and following you happen to be performed, and so forth.
IodineA tiny bottle of iodine may be the subsequent step up from peroxide and may be applied to much more thoroughly clean a wound or cut just before bandaging.  Even greater is usually to use the peroxide and after that the iodine on the wound just before bandaging.  Iodine can make a wound heal considerably quicker.
Antibiotic OintmentThese are off-the-shelf ointments that may be made use of to assist with bee or wasp stings, abrasions, or other modest injuries.  
EyewashA uncomplicated saline answer for washing out the eyes can make your dog’s life substantially a lot easier and save his vision in some cases.  When your hunting dog gets one thing in his eye that he can not eliminate on his personal, use this to clean them.  A swift squirt into the eye and nature will do the rest in most circumstances. 
Trauma PadFor true emergencies, this pad will staunch the blood flow, assist seal the wound, and provide you with some thing massive to transport him with so you’ll be able to get to emergency assist swiftly.  Be sure the pad will be the appropriate size for the dog.  
Gauze, Tape, and ScizzorsSimple tools that, when made use of appropriately, can tremendously help your bird dog in times of injury.  In case your dog is cut, scratched, or similarly hurt, you are going to want to bandage, gauze over, then tape the wound so it’s protected from infection.  These 3 tools can do that job swiftly.
A first help kit can genuinely make your hunting trip a good time.  Lack of one particular can make it traumatic.  Be sure you have a fantastic kit and which you carry it with you all the time though inside the field.  It is not a poor concept to have it simply accessible at dwelling as well.
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Indoors Or Out side – Which is Greatest For the Hunting Dog

Many years ago, to have your hunting dog live in the house with you was unheard of Hunting dogs had “smelled blood” and were then relegated to the outdoors where they couldn’t attack members in the family.  This can be an old saying that is definitely not true.  Gun dogs make superb pets and really should not be forced to reside outside.  
When you live inside a four season climate, you are going to have to have some sort of shelter for the dogs inside the cold temperatures.  There are kennels that you simply can obtain which can be currently pre-heated. While your dogs are wearing a fur coat, they’re far from ready to handle the sub freezing temperatures of the winter.  Be certain that you simply get a heated kennel for example those which are produced by Purina.
Speaking of keeping your bird dogs warm, be sure to keep your dogs warm and safe once you are transporting them to and from the hunting location.  You are going to want your dog to travel inside a crate, but did you realize that you just can get an insulated kennel for transporting your dog?  It can get cold hunting outdoors and you wish to ensure that you simply maintain your dog warm. 
An additional object you might want to buy, in particular if you’re keeping your dog outdoors, is a water warmer.  You will find water warmers that will get the temperature as much as about 15 degrees above freezing.  There are actually also bowls that can preserve the water warm for the dogs in sub freezing temperatures.  
Provided that your dogs have shelter and are in a position to locate warmth, you can preserve them comfy outside in the cold weather.  Along with protecting your dogs from the cold weather, you have to ensure that they’ve adequate shade and cool water inside the heat too.  
In case you have a single dog, you may have the dog live inside the home.  Even when you have two dogs, you may would like to do this.  But for those who have more than two dogs, a kennel, or not enough space for the dogs within the home, you may have to have some sort of heated shelter for them to stay in for the duration of the cold weather.  
But the thought of keeping the bird dogs outside because they are bird dogs is an antiquated notion.  Hunting dogs are trained too as other dogs and make great pets.  They’re able to be kept indoors at the same time as outdoors provided that they’re comfy.  
One particular dog, having said that, must not be relegated to outside on his personal.  When you have 1 dog, you must keep him using the family.  Dogs are social animals and are happiest when they are included in using the pack.  Within the case of your gun dog, the pack is your loved ones.  Do what you could to make sure that he stays portion with the household and is kept comfortable at all occasions.   

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Properly Socialize Your Bird Dog Puppy

If you have a puppy, you should know that socializing is a crucial part of caring for your new hunting dog. The unsocialized puppy may end up biting out of fear, so it’s very important to socialize your dog. If you’re looking to start social training with your dog, here are some tips.

Puppy School

Puppy training classes can be a great asset to you and your puppy.  You’ll learn commands that will teach your puppy control himself, like sit, stay and quiet. You’ll also receive advice on socialization questions. Check with local pet stores or search online to find a puppy class near you.

A word of caution: keep shy puppies away from group training classes, as this can overwhelm. If your dog exhibits shy behvarior, like hiding from people or things, you should help him gain trust and confidence before starting on any dog training exercises.

Dealing with a Shy Dog

What do you do when your puppy is shy to the point of being afraid? Never force a fearful dog to accept petting. This increases his anxiety and could lead to fear biting. To help a shy puppy come out of his shell, you’ll need to do a “greeting circle”.  Here’s how:

To do the greeting circle, ask friends for some help. Everyone should sit in a circle with delicious treats on hand. Have them sit on a sideways angle, since this is non-threatening. Instruct everyone to avoid eye contact, sudden movements, or leaning or dominating behaviors which can scare the puppy.

The way to make this circle work is to have each person sitting in the circle put a treat in their hand and close their hand and extend it into the circle.  Once this is done you can each open up your hands and call to the puppy, and try to urge him to come to take the treat from your hand.  You should make sure that you’re using soft voices and offering encouraging words during this process, but don’t try to pet the dog until he comes to you for attention.

Go around the circle. Have each person encourage puppy to take the treat. Make it easy for your puppy.  When he learns the game and is voluntarily walking up to the next hand, you can change it up a bit by changing direction or having people call him at random.

Typically before you know it your will be going voluntarily to each person looking for his ‘treat’.  At this point you might want to consider introducing another dog into your circle to see if your puppy will still stay engaged.

The Play Date

The best way to introduce you dog is through play dates. He’ll have the chance to play with other dogs and meet people, which will help him open up. Make his first play date fun, and reinforce with positivity and praise. But watch carefully because a meeting with an unfriendly dog can leave an impact on the puppy.

Play dates should be arranged with relaxed, friendly dogs and people. Adult dogs can be considered, too, so if you know a friend with a very nice adult dog, start by arranging a play date with them.

Another option is to see if your local pet stores have play times that they open to the public – if they do they are typically offered at no cost. One thing to watch for is if your pup seems to be afraid or if he’s being bullied by another dog, remove him from the area right away so he’s not discouraged.

If you get the chance, take you puppy with you so that he can see, smell, and experience different things. Bring treats with you and reward him for good behavior. At the pet store, make sure he gets a treat the minute you walk in. Allow him to roam around and become comfortable on his own terms.

Puppies always attract people. If your puppy is approached by strangers who want to pet him, inform them that you puppy is being trained. Give them a treat to give to your puppy to help with the training.


Try Using Innotek Ultrasmart Training Collars for Your Dog

Today, we are learning more and more about training hunting dogs using the relatively new technology called electronic dog training collars. These hunting dog supplies have changed the way that working dogs are trained, especially hunting dogs.

The best aspect of the electronic training collar is the fact that you can interact with your dog during training, and you can even do so from a remote location while your dog is working. We’ll take a look at the various collars and learn its effectiveness.

Electronic training systems consist of two parts: transmitters and receivers.  The transmitter is usually in the hand-held unit and is controlled by the trainer while the receiver is usually worn in the dog’s collar.  Correcting a dog–at home, in the field hunting, or during a show—is done by sending a signal from the trainer’s transmitter that sends a light volt of static shock to the dog through the collar.  These corrections are light and do not harm the dog, but they do distract the dog, which corrects bad behavior.    This quickly increases the training pace.

When you are searching for an effective electronic training collar for your dog, you want one that is reliable and safe.  Innotek is the premier electronic dog training collar supplier.  Whether you need a backyard system that allows you to train more than one dog or you want a simple system to train your pet at home, Innotek has a product that will meet your needs.

Durability is a great trait of Innotek brand products, and you can also expec high quality which is guaranteed by the way of the best components. With the Innotek Ultra Smart Training collar, you can choose from 15 levels of stimulation, which will allow you to train more than one dog. It is also equipped with sounds in conjunction with electronic stimulation as a reminder for your dog.

Innotek UltraSmart training collars provide the best value through the IUT 300 series.  This system is ideal for those who need to train two dogs at once and at a distance.  These collars have a range of up to 300 yards via either electronic or sound correction.

Some of the features not available on any other collar on the market that the IUT 300 offers include: self-diagnosis, electronic fit testing, battery strength displays, and lithium-ion battery technology.  Nine levels of stimulation plus sound stimulation means full versatility on these training collars.

Extra-long probes for long-haired dogs are also available as well as lanyards, test lights, and instructional DVDs.  Innotek is committed to ensuring that you and your dog get the most from their products when training.

Some other popular brands of dog training collars include SportDOG and Dogta.

Heartworm And Your Hunting Dog

Heartworm is a serious, often fatal disease and is one of the worst diseases your dog can face.  Luckily, it’s easy to prevent heartworm and it takes nothing more than a pill, food additive, and preventive care.  You can purchase a heartworm pill to give to your hunting dog as a “treat,” or get liquid or powder additives to put into your dog’s food regularly (weekly, monthly, etc. depending on the treatment).

Heartworm Facts

Heartworm can live in the dog’s body and work its way into all major organs and tissue, and finally the heart, which is what kills the animal. Heartworm is a parasite and mosquitoes are often to blame because they carry heartworm. However, your dog can also get heartworm from other animals like foxes and coyotes.

Preventing Heartworm

Preventing is the easiest way to “treat” heartworm.  As said earlier, getting protection is as easy as giving him a pill, adding something to his food, and keeping his home (and him) clean.  While it’s common to treat heartworm only in the warmer months, many people have found that doing it year-round is both easier and more effective.  Veterinarians agree.

Symptoms of Heartworm

One of the first signs of a heartworm infestation you may notice is your pet loses weight. This may also be accompanied by a lack of energy.   Often once the heartworm infection moves into the dog’s lungs then you’ll notice excessive coughing.  You should be aware that unfortunately heartworm infections are almost not detectable during the first few months because they aren’t causing any specific problems. This is one of the reasons why preventative medications are so critical to your dogs health.


Typically a veterinarian will do a ‘double’ test to determine if the infection from heartworm is male or female as this does affect how it is treated.  Normal heartworm tests are typically blood tests that may involve observation at the clinic.  Test help determine how advanced the heartworm infection is by testing for an approximate heartworm count.

Treating Heartworm

After diagnosis, heartworm treatment must begin right away. Otherwise, the infected dog can spread the disease to other dogs. Treatment will vary depending on worm count and the stage of the disease. An otherwise healthy dog will most likely live through the treatment, but an unhealth one has almost no chance of surviving. Treatment may not work if the parasites have affected too many organs or if the worm count has become too high. Prevention and early treatment is the best way to treat heartworm.

If any other dogs are living with or around the infected dog, they should be tested immediately for heartworm as well.  It spreads quickly from one dog to the next, so testing is important.  People should be tested as well, as humans are also capable of getting heartworm.

While heartworm is a potentially deadly parasite, prevention is the secret to keeping your dog from contracting it.

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Types of Hunting Dogs

There are many exceptional breeds that make wonderful hunting dogs, but not all are categorized solely as hunting dogs.  Case in point: hounds hunt undersized prey such as jackrabbits, and raccoons, animals that like to live in thickets.  However, not every hound hunts wholly by scent, as some make use of their well-developed vision too (sight hounds).

Gun dogs are another common category of hunting dog.  Remember, not all hunting dogs are gun dogs.  Gun dogs are primarily used by hunters who hunt with shotguns, mainly those hunting for various types of fowl.  They encompass retrievers, pointers, setters, and spaniels usually.   Terriers and feists are also types of gun dogs and have been known to squeeze into rabbit holes and other hideouts to chase out game.  Curs are larger hunting dogs and are able to hunt bigger game, such as cougars.
There are numerous diverse breeds of gun dogs.  They are outstanding dogs when you are in the hunt for those to retrieve or even chase game.  Each breed has unique abilities and personalities.  A brief breakdown of these abilities and personalities:


Not only are retrievers fantastic family pets, but they are also a first-rate option as hunting dogs.  They are first-rate swimmers and are fond of the water.  If you are aiming to hunt duck or other birds by the water, you should select a retriever, as he will have no difficulty seizing birds, whether on land or in the water.  Retrievers also learn the command “fetch” simpler than nearly all other dogs, as their innate instinct is to retrieve things.


Although spaniels do not mind water or swimming, their main talent can be found in locating hidden game.  They are not unlike retrievers in that they are more than willing to retrieve prey.  Cocker spaniels are very popular as they make excellent pets, but they are also talented hunters.  English springer spaniels and cocker spaniels are two of the most well-known spaniel breeds categorized as hunting dogs, but field spaniels are growing in popularity each year.   Spaniels will retrieve prey on land or in the water.


Pointers, such as the German shorthaired pointer, find the prey for the hunter and point at it, hence their name.  This breed will cover a much larger region than spaniels, but rely on the hunter to draw out the prey.


Setters, like pointers, will find and point at prey, but will also sniff out the prey themselves on command.  Setters, like the popular English setter, are brilliant at locating upland birds.  As hunting dogs, they are more widely used in England and Ireland than in the United States.

Water Dogs

When we hear the term “poodle,” we often picture a lap dog with a curly hair-do.  Nonetheless, the poodle is a kind of retriever that swims well and is, theoretically, a hunting dog.  The larger breeds of poodles are better-quality dogs to use for hunting when near the water.   Distinctive from other hunting dogs, poodles have actual hair instead of fur and have to be clipped once in a while.  An interesting note: they are wonderful hunting dogs for those with dog allergies.

The sort of hunting you plan on doing will influence the type of hunting dog that is suitable for you.  Try to plan for this in advance, so that when you hunt for your prey you have the proper expectations for the dog. Knowing what your dog is capable of in the field will help you train him to be the best hunting dog he can be.

When purchasing Bird Dogs you must also consider what kind of Hunting Dog Supplies you might need. A few supplies to consider are dog training collars, bird launchers, and electronic dog fences.

Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protection

If you’re an experienced hunter, you’ve likely learned that hearing is both key to a successful hunt and must be protected during gunfire.  Electronic hearing protection is the answer to both those needs.  It can both protect your ears from gunfire’s loud noise as well as enhance your hearing in the field.

Some of the top electronic hearing protection devices’ are manufactured by ProEars.  Finding the right electronic hearing protection is not very difficult.

Pro Ears Hearing Protection: Advantage Stalker Plus

The Advantage Stalker Plus model both deadens the sound of rifle and shotgun blasts, protecting your ears, but also allows quieter sounds through so you can hear what you need to hear.  This means whispering to another hunter, hearing your prey, or keying on your dog is possible without removing your earmuffs.

Independent volume controls allow you to focus in on sounds and can even help if you are hard of hearing.  Pro Ears Hearing Protection Advantage Stalker Plus also offers a five year warranty making it one of the best devices on the market.

Pro Ears Hearing Protection: ProMag Gold

ProMag Gold is ideal if you are planning on shooting at a practice range, or in any closed environment.  While not ideal for range hunting, this hearing protection device is ideal for practicing skeet shooting or for practice at indoor ranges of all kinds.  When noise levels drop below 33 decibels the ProMag Gold allows radio, CD, cassettes, and other sounds to be piped in.  This hearing protection device is perfect for those who spend most of their shooting time out of the field.

Pro Ear Hearing Protection: Predator 200

For those who need optimum sound amplification for specialized field craft when hunting, but also want the security and safety of hearing protection from firearms noises, the Predator 200 is perfect.  They’re comfortable, convenient, and extremely reliable.


Whatever the hearing device that’s perfect for your needs, Pro Ears will have it in their full line of devices, with prices that allow you to protect your ears AND your wallet.  The Pro Ears name is recognized, respected, and known to provide otpimum hearing protection.

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