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Ways to Curb Your Dog’s Aggression

Dog aggression comes in several forms, and can possibly be a very serious issue if not treated correctly from early on . Common forms of dog aggression involve dog aggression towards strangers, and dog aggression towards family members. To learn how to stop the two, different approaches to training are required .

First and foremost, if your dog’s aggression is constant in spite of your efforts to the contrary, you should think about the chance that an underlying medical condition is accounting for your dog’s aggression, such as a chemical imbalance, fever, or other causes . You ought to have a veterinarian carry out a thorough examination . Medication can be used to diminish or get rid of the aggression .

How to stop dog aggression towards strangers

Socializing your dog, where she would get used to other people, other dogs, and other animals, is something that ought to be started at an early age .

To understand how to stop dog aggression towards strangers, you need for your dog to be sociable . By introducing her from a young age to a variety of new experiences, new people, new dogs, and other animals, you are showing your dog that new experiences, sights, and sounds are fun, and not something to fear . It is also essential to introduce your dog to other places and other environments as well, like playgrounds, picnics, off leash areas, and pet stores that permit your dog on the premises .

It really should be remembered that your dog really should be exposed gradually to the different environments and experiences .

How to stop dog aggression towards family members

Dog aggression with food is quite common amongst dogs. This happens when your dog reacts aggressively towards someone, such as a loved one, if she is approached while she is eating, or if you attempt to take her food away .

You may be wondering why this would take place between a dog and the owner? It comes down to the issue of dominance . Is your dog dominant?

She might show aggression when you try to take her food, as she knows you will not punish her if she does . On the other hand, if it is obvious to your dog that she is not the leader of the family, it will be much easier for you to stop dog aggression towards family members .

The best way to learn how to stop dog aggression towards family members is regular obedience training that will serve to underline your authority over your dog, and to show her that you are the one in charge . A couple of short sessions a day showing your dog that you are the boss will work wonders .

Praise and reward your dog when she complies with your orders.   You need to show your dog that you are in charge . If your dog does not think you are in charge, you can anticipate dog aggression towards family members for the long haul .




Discover How to Make Your Dog Stop Chewing

“How do you stop a dog from chewing” has long been wondered by dog owners and enthusiasts. There are a lot of motives why your dog is likely to chew destructively on something.  To stop dog chewing, you will have to to put forward some time and effort, as well as show some basic common sense and patience . Your reward will be a dog who will not chew on your furniture, clothes, shoes, and stereo wires. Putting an end to chewing can also curtail biting and aggression difficulties before they turn out to be full blown, so you will not have to worry about how to stop a puppy from biting, and how to stop dog aggression.

Curiosity, boredom, anxiety, a lack of exercise, and a lack of respect for you are typical reasons for dog digging .

So, just how do you stop a dog from chewing?

Take control of the situation

How do you stop a dog from chewing in this respect? By dog-proofing your household. Don’t leave your clothes, socks, silk ties, or shoes laying around where your dog can easily access them. Make certain that any wires or chords are made invisible to your dog. Consider your dog’s ability to jump or leap high in the air to reach their desired object . Also think about spraying a bitter tasting chewing repellent onto the improper chewing objects, like cayenne pepper or lemon juice .

Clearly set the boundaries of your expectations

How do you stop a dog from chewing in this respect? Try to make the boundaries very apparent between what your dog is permitted to chew, and what she is not . For instance, don’t expect your dog not to chew on a new thing if you have earlier allowed her to chew on an older version of that same item, liksuch as a piece of clothing .

Stop dog chewing by providing tasty alternatives

Another effective technique to stop dog chewing is to provide her with plenty of tasty alternatives to your “off limits” objects. If the environment of your dog is devoid of appropriate chewing objects, then you can hardly blame her for targeting your possessions. Try to give your dog some rawhide bones or chew toys to play with .

Catch her in the act, and reward her for not chewing

If you are still wondering to yourself, “how do you stop a dog from chewing”, a fantastic strategy to utilize is to catch her as she is in the act of that destructive chewing. Do not make a huge deal out of it, however. Simply interrupt her, remove the object, and promptly give her a tasty and healthy alternative , such as Froot Loops, a milkbone, or a dentastyk. As soon as her jaws clamp down on it, heap lavish praise upon your dog . Positive reinforcement like this is a useful approach to follow when stopping dog chewing . Just be sure to be really consistent in your application of it. If you reprimand your dog for chewing on an improper object, instead of just teaching her that the object is not hers to chew, she may well think you are punishing her for chewing something inappropriate in front of you, and that it is okay for her to chew on something inappropriate when you are not there.

Health reasons 

If you are at your wits end , and despite your best efforts you do not have an answer to the question, “how do you stop a dog from chewing” , consider it may possibly be the case that your dog has a problem with her teeth and gums, which may perhaps need veterinary care .