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Treats for Dogs with Food Allergies

Smartdog Jerky’s New Venison, Lamb and Rabbit Jerky Treats Are Healthy Alternatives for Canines Coping with Beef, Chicken and Grain Food Allergic reactions


LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – Far several dogs undergo from fruit allergies. In truth, food hypersensitivity ranks as the third most common lead to of allergic irritation and scratching in dogs, according to foremost vet dermatologists.

Vet research record which the major culprits which trigger super food allergic reactions are beef, dairy solutions, chicken, corn, wheat and soy. Do these chemicals look familiar? That’s because they position among the most typical compounds seen in industrial dog food and dog treats.

Crafting smart possibilities in what to feed your dog can go a long way in stopping food allergies. For some k9s, giving them unique sources of protein is an effective solution option. Smartdog Jerky&commerce; merely unleashed healthy and balanced, novel protein treats: Real Rabbit Jerky Sticks, Real Lamb Jerky Sticks and Real Venison Jerky Pins. Our Venison and Lamb are no cost range, grass fed and totally free of steroids or medicines.  Our Rabbit Jerky is vegetarian fed and cost-free of steroids and medicines. We use strictly the meat mussel and comprises no organs or bones. Naturally our jerky is wheat and grain no cost as well.

“We love our canines and hate to see them endure from super food allergy symptoms which lead to skin troubles and upset stomachs – and elevated veterinary bills,” states Smartdog Jerky&commerce; founder Heather Merritt. “Venison, lamb and rabbit are great, special protein sources. Our treats consist of these lean meats, water and a sprint of sea salt. You won’t come across any artificial preservatives, fillers, antibiotics or other harmful components in these treats.”

Sport animal meat launched into a dog’s diet plan can aid in their restoration from allergy symptoms and service nutritional needs for canines, who are omnivores.

Smartdog Jerky™ has a second mission: to winner pet adoptions from shelters and rescue groups. Every label of its lineup of product carries a picture of a rescued dog and his or her prosperous adoption story. The stories of Lucy, Bossman, Lefty, Tripper, Bailey and a lot more are additionally shared as a website.

“We are really energetic in the pet neighborhood and we are honored to share these triumph tales of these second-chance dogs on our treat labels,” states Merritt. “Since March, we have donated more than 400 luggage of treats to geo-targeted rescue, non-profit and pro-humane animal shelters and we plan to carry on with so.”

The Real Rabbit Jerky Attaches and Real Venison Jerky Attaches come in 6-ounce packages and retail for $16.99 and $13.99 respectively. The finish line of Smardog Jerky™ treats are readily available at over 160 retail store stores nationwide or might be ordered online precisely from the manufacturer.

Regarding Smartdog Jerky&industry; – Company founder Heather Merritt is dedicated to delivering wholesome treats and advocating pet adoptions. Smartdog Jerky’s series is adorned with human-grade, USDA certified meats using a dash water of sea salt to deliver healthy and balanced sources of complete protein in the form of high-premium jerky treats. Find out far more by visiting www.smartdogjerky.com.



A great packaging idea – Rescued dogs on dog treats packaging

What People in america feed their dogs performs a key function in their health and longevity. Dishing up the right nutrition can also save on veterinary bills. Which’s why when it arrives to picking dog treats, the all-natural components interior Smartdog Jerky’s line strikes them to the head of the class.


Sadly, virtually fifty percent of adult canines in the United States are chubby, depending on the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Overfeeding at food time and doling out high-fat table scrapes not solely packs on the pounds, but places dogs at calculated risk for diabetes, heart disease and agility limitations.


Heather Merritt, creator of Smartdog Jerky, is determined to improve dogs live fit and at wholesome weights by offering a line of all-natural, human-grade, USDA-certified jerky treats made at a non-pet food facility. You won’t come across wheat, grain, soy, preservatives, synthetic shades or flavors in her meaty treats. These folks are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. And, frankly, canines of all sizes and ages uncover them irresistibly delicious.


But she didn’t halt there.


“Being zealous on pets, I desired to not only create the healthiest dog deal with as a planet, but to elevate far more awareness on pet adoption,” claims Merritt, whose family includes Carly, a pleased, dark Labrador-Shepherd mix. “We donate a percentage of our dog jerky to nonprofit rescue organizations and humane shelters. And, we proudly display real-life dog adoption triumph tales on our packaging, with sharing their tales on our site.”


Take a glimpse into the packaging and you will find out about the rescued dogs quoted Lucy, Bailey, Phaneuf and much more. Check the site and you will find out more regarding Smartdog Jerky’s partnership with this kind of nonprofit groups at Pet Venture Foundation in San Clemente, CA, and Flexibility Dogs in San Diego. The site additionally is adorned with a community give page.


“We are committed to opening images of rescued dogs on every single and every bundled package deal of Smartdog Jerky treats and to donating a part of our jerky to groups, big and little, whose volunteers and workers are bettering the lives of companion animals,” describes Merritt.


Merritt obtains the pictures in word of mouth for now, but expects to ultimately use pictures sent over by buyers or visitors at her internet site. Photos are integrated into a label design, and 1,000 fda required labels are published (about the volume of each and every batch of jerky produced) and afterwards applied to the laminated hurdle pouches.


The Smartdog Jerky series presently includes Real Turkey Breasts Jerky, Red Beef Jerky and Real Beef Jerky Sticks. Goal are underway to increase to various flavors, such as buffalo jerky, lamb jerky, rabbit jerky and venison jerky. The solely components employed in any package are USDA-certified meats, drinking water and a very small bit of sea salt.


“Canines need protein to reside fit and robust and Smartdog Jerky gives you which in a healthy and balanced, nutritious way,” says Merritt.