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Collars for Training Your Puppy.

The following information will give you some tips about training your puppy or dog, as man’s best friend, we know why they are so popular as pets and hunting companions, but don’t forget that they are instinctively curious, very mischievous and often chew on most everything.

Always use your dog’s name when issuing commands. When training your dog, it is important to be able to get and maintain their attention. Using your dog’s name when giving a command will make them focus. Use your dog’s name often. Get them used to both hearing and responding to it.

It is hard to separate puppies and kids, they seem to go hand in hand with each other, but you need to remember that the puppy is a pack animal. As a pack animal, when they are playing with kids they are displaying dominance that is not noticed by children, so do not allow your children to give commands without you being right their with them. The dog will hear the commands from your child, but will not respond if it is part of  game time, the animal will believe this is play talk and not commands.

Commands should be to the point, such as sit, stay, here to achieve the best results. Using the word “no” is common for most of us and so we use it for different things, ex., no – to get off the couch, no – don’t jump, no – to stop barking…..and so on. You need to make it easy for your dog to respond by using a different command for each thing that you want them to do, such as “Shhh” to stop barking.

Always think in terms of a child, a stronger impact can be achieved by using many short training session as opposed to one long one. Your puppy loves to play, so keep things short and to the point and you will have much greater success with your over all training.

At a very young age, puppies are able to learn simple commands. If your puppy is tired, highly excited, or exploring his space, your training session will probably not be very successful. You will need your puppy’s full attention to assure your training session is worth your time.

More often  than not, if a dog is having a problem such as urinating or having a bowel movement on the carpet, and this dog is properly trained….get to the vet. These kind of accidents generally are a sign the animal is sick or has an infection of some kind. Do not scold the dog should this happen, it is not their fault and they did not intentionally do this to make you mad..

With all the breeds of dogs out there, you need to do a little research to find a suitable companion. The more compatible a breed is to your lifestyle, the better chances you will have of training and making your pet a part of the family.

Puppies are notorious for chewing everything in site, why not? life is a game to them. You should make sure to keep plenty of toys around that are theirs and with that you need to think about a training collar. Why?, first these are not the shock collars of the old days and you are not going to hear your puppy yelp from pain.

Anxiety is a real problem for certain dogs and changes in routine cause undue stress. If you are aware of the daily routines that you do, you can help to control your dogs stress levels. Separation anxiety is something you can train your dog to deal with, making for a much happier life for the both of you.

You have to be committed to training for yourself and for your dog to be happy. We have all seen those people who are frustrated because they cannot control their pet. If you are inexperienced in training animals is is wise to get a training collar or a track and train collar, this will give you faster results and is safe for your pet.

We need exercise, whether we do it daily or not it is good for us, your animal is no different, regular, daily exercise will lead to a happy pet who will strive harder to make you happy by paying better attention and obeying those commands quicker.

When you are training your dog on a certain behavior, look for a quiet place to train him. Dogs can be easily distracted by everything around them. So, in order to keep your dog’s attention on the task, do the initial training in a quiet room. Your dog will learn quicker this way.

Treats should be used as a reward with your pet, not as a way to get their affection. If you give your dog table scraps everyday, then you are enabling the dog to be a beggar – that will go over real well when you have company. Treats are rewards for good behavior and you need to remember this.One tip to keep in mind when training your dog is to ensure that you make it absolutely clear to your dog what it is that your are disciplining it for. This is important to avoid confusion and to teach the dog what is desired and what is undesired behavior. An example of what to avoid is hitting your dog hours past and in adifferent room from where it shredded your couch.

All though I have talked about or mentioned the training collars, they are not to be used instead of a leash. A dog needs to be able to listen and obey commands when on a leash because of city ordinances. If the dog is pulling you on the leash, then you need to take the slack out of the leash and to the dog to walk next to your side.

Make sure your dog’s training sessions are brief. The ideal time to spend on a task is about fifteen minutes. When you exceed this amount of time, your dog can become frustrated and set your progress back. End each session by praising your dog.

Oh no it is potty training time!, this should not be going through your mind. Keep your self focused on your puppy, so that your puppy is focused on going to the bathroom and not on all of the distractions caused by smells and noise. Be sure to praise the dog for going potty, each and every time, you have to teach them by repetition that potty time is exactly that, now puppies and dogs are going to walk around smelling before they go, but you have to make sure it is not curiosity of the smells that are driving them and it is just the place they want to go.

You should not have to choose between your beloved dog and a clean home. Train your dog to avoid destructive behaviors like chewing. Take advantage of the tips mentioned here, and you will be rewarded with a peaceful environment and a loving dog.


Tri-tronics Dog Shock Collars Are Best For Bird Dogs

If you’re trying to find an dog shock collar Tritronics is a well respected name.  The sport electronic dog collar can help train your hunting dog making certain he becomes your partner while in the hunt.  These kind of training collars can also help find tune your dog’s natural hunting skills. 

Tritronix Sport Dog training collars

Should you be in need of a collar that can help correct inappropriate behavior sports electric dog training collar may be the answer your looking for.  For owners of sporting dogs who’re often in and out of water Tritronix sport electronic dog collar offers a water-proof receivers and transmitters.  In addition to lightweight transmitter the Tri-tronics sports dog training collar has ten different levels of intensity that lets you find the level that’s good for your dog.  When your dog behaves inappropriately the sports training collars send a brief electronic stimulation instantly to your dog.  

Tri-tronics Sport Basic Electronic dog collar

The latest technology in dog shock collars from Tri-tronics is the sport basic shock collar.  As with other models the transmitter provides up to ten levels of electronic stimulation.  As with other models it’s also a waterproof including the receiver in the collar.  One new feature is that the transmitter is made of the same material currently used for bulletproof glass.  Whether your teaching your dog in the field or at home this durable shock collar may be the solution you’re looking for.  

How to Use Tritronic Dog collars 

You could be unsure how to use these high tech training collars.  In addition to using the stimulation that is given by these high tech collars you should also be using voice commands.  It’s crucial that you realize that it does take time to train your dog.  Regardless of whether your training a bird dog or a pet it should take time for your dog to comprehend your command as well as the sound of your voice.  You should attempt voice commands before you use the electronic stimulation that is offered by these high tech collars.  If in fact your dog ignored your command then you should use the stimulation provided by the electronic collar.  Understanding how electronic dog training collars work will help you be more effective in using them to properly train your dog.  
Bear in mind when using these dog collars to train a dog for hunting that you’re gun dog instinctively wants to hunt and to be effective hunting companions they will need training.  Using patients in conjunction with electric dog training collars should help your dog learn your commands quicker.  Be sure when using electric dog training collars that you start with the lowest levels of stimulation.  This will help you figure out the correct level for your dog.    Regardless of the type of dog you have, the Tritronix electric dog collar has one that will work for you and for your dog.

Innotech Is An Incredible Corporation For Gundog Equipment

Owners of hunting dogs would like a dependable provider of items.   If this is true in your case, then you certainly might be searching for Electonic Dog Fences, electric dog collars, tracking collars or another devices. This is when Innotech could be useful to you.  Innotech has produced a reputation of being a company which is trusted and well known by people who own hunting dogs.  In this article are some merchandise they provide and also the advantages:

Dog Fences:

The Innotech SD2100 Dog Containment Systems enables your dog lots of space to get the exercise he requires when you’re not out hunting and merely don’t have the time and energy to take him for a walk.  This particular system operates with a dog collar that allows signals to be sent from the system to the receiver permitting your dog determine what his boundaries are.

While some owners believe that any kind of electronic jolt system can be harmful for your dog that just is not the situation – they’re completely safe as testified to by a number of people who have effectively utilized these types of items.  
The Innotek SD2100 makes it possible to setup restrictions with your dog and the collar aids your dog understand exactly what those borders are.  With the mild reminder that he’s nearing the limits of the boundary you set your dog will rapidly find out where exactly he can go.  Due to the fact the SD2100 offers enough wiring for approximately 25 acres of property, you can assure your dog has ample area to get the physical exercise he desires and offers you the reassurance knowing he’s safe.

Dog Tracking Collars

Innotek has some of the most modern dog tracking collars that you can buy.  None of us ever would like to worry about our dog vanishing while we are hunting as well as at home.  Thankfully Innotech makes dog tracking collars which not only are waterproof and light-weight, but they also include antennas that permit you to track your dog for several miles.  Both receivers and transmitters play an important role to locate your dog and Innotek provides the high technology you’ll want to be sure that your dog is found easily in the event he runs away.

Electric Dog Collars

If you’re looking for a shock collar, you have a selection of them available to you from Innotek.  In addition to electronic dog collars that help with basic commands, you can also get electronic dog training collars that help them learn about working with other dogs and teaching them basic fundamentals of hunting.


Regardless of your dog supply desires, Innotech is a leader in their industry.  Making certain you have the correct equipment for your dog regardless of whether he’s a pet or a gun dog, Innotech is a trustworthy and reputable supplier.

Transmitter Size And Control Over Electronic Dog Collars

Once you start to look to get a Electric Dog Training Collars, you will see quite a wide variety of transmitters you will work with to provide the required stimulation to your dog.  Several of them are as small as a keychain while some are larger and fit comfortably in your hand.  Obviously, the kind of transmitter you ultimately choose is definitely the one that you feel most comfortable.  

Exactly What Does A Electronic dog training collar Do?

A electric dog collar provides stimulation to your hunting dog provided by frequency waves.  The gun dog wears the receiver training collar and you control the transmission of the stimulation.  The purpose of the electric dog training collar is to get your bird dog to listen to you orders.  Your dog wants to make you happy and, when you’ve got a good  bird dog, they would like to be able to exercise his natural instincts to hunt.  

Difference In Stimulation

There’s 2 different kinds of stimulation you’ll be able to give your bird dog when you are using a transmitter with a Electronic Dog Collars.  This includes temporary stimulation which gives your hunting dog a “nick” informing him that what he has done is inappropriate.  You could also use steady stimulation if he is doing some thing extremely incorrect or dangerous such as taking off running.   You may also control the amount of stimulation that you deliver to your bird dog.  Larger sized dogs require more intense stimulation than smaller dogs.   When using continuous stimulation, however, almost all dog shock collars time out after about Seven seconds.  This is to protect against any unneeded punishment of the gun dog.  

The purpose of the dog shock collar is to get the dog to become an obedient animal.  When you make use of voice instructions along with the stimulation, he will soon learn to obey upon command.  You can get your gun dog trained faster by utilizing dog training collars and he will be a much better hunting companion, as well as a better pet.  

Why Do You Use A Large Transmitter?

You could possibly question the reason why someone might select a larger transmitter when they can have one that’s small and fits in the palm of their hands.  Hunters typically love the larger sized transmission units because they’re much easier to hold and have less of a tendency to get lost.  Furthermore, if you work with gloves to hunt, you may feel more confident with a bigger sized transmission device.  

When choosing a electric dog training collar, take into account the size of your gun dog and how you intend to train him.  For field training, it could possibly be more effective to use a bigger transmission device, even though this is still a matter of choice.  You will also want to make sure that the receiver fits around the animal comfortably and is not too restricted.  Once you are confident with the fact that your bird dog is properly trained and obeys upon voice command, you may be able to get rid of the use of the dog shock collar.  Gun gun dogs have natural hunting instincts and love to please their human hunting companions.  Training a gun dog by using a dog shock collar will make the training time go by faster, making your bird dog a valuable asset to hunting as well as a fun companion to bring on hunting trips.

Discover Ways To Pick Out The Perfect Dogtra Shock Collar

In order to train your hunting dog to obey you then you are searching for a product that is dependable, safe and simple to use go to http://www.gundogsonline.com/dog-training-collars/dogtra.  Such products are accessible through Dogtra who offers products which are easy to work with, and cost effective as well.  Dogtra finds a way to provide electric dog collars that are ideal for gun dogs, pets and service dogs and all of them are economical to work with.

The Dogtra name is recognized as one of several top lines of electronic dog collars – they are maybe most widely known for finding a way to create products that are sturdy, have sufficient features and are also waterproof as well.   Dogtra Obedience and Service K9 Series items have all the options that hunting dog owners need to help them with the training of their dogs regardless of the type of hunting dog that you are training.

One of the exceptional features of the Dogtra electric dog collars is their low profile, that permits you to position the collar on your gun dog which will help prevent others from identifying them as a electric dog training collar.  In addition to their water-resistant receivers, these collars are especially great for small and mid-sized dogs. The Dogtra dog training collars are also the collar of choice for training service dogs along with family pets.

Yet another fantastic feature that lots of consumers value is the ‘nick’ feature on the Dogtra electric dog collars.  The nick feature lets electronic correction for just a brief fraction of time so that your hunting dog gets the message with as little stimulation as is possible. For individuals who realize that they want more stimulation to train their bird dog the Dogtra collars also provide a consistent correction feature in addition to the ability to change the power of the correction as required.  Dogtra has an distinctive pager function that is not seen on any other system that allows you to correct your dog’s behavior without resorting to any electronic stimulation as well.  Dogtra has taken under consideration that trainers occasionally feel the need to make use of various corrections based on the individual dog’s behaviour. The Dogtra collars makes it possible for this versatility in training which can give you more affect in your training.

Click here should you are searching for the best attainable value and every one of the features, you will need to train your hunting dog you will need to look at the Dogtra 200NCP Gold, which provides not only the absolute best value but also each of the features you need to train your dog. The Dogtra 200NCP Gold offers the following features:

  • Collar extends up to 18”
  • NI-MH Batteries included (long life)
  • Operating range around ½ mile
  • Light weight receiver
  • Light weight transmitter
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional automobile charger
  • Available dummy collar
  • Manuals in print and electronic formats   
  • Whether you have a family pet, a show, working or gun dog, Dogtra has thought of everything which you might need to properly train your dog!


    Valuable Ideas On Figuring out Which Kennel Is Best For the Gun Dogs

    Regardless of whether you’re organizing to utilize a pet crate to move your dog from location to place or you’re planning to utilize the crate at property to help keep your dog in one particular location when you’re away there are various distinctive possibilities are they a little to you.  
    Light weight aluminum pet crates 
    The Kalispel light weight aluminum pet cratejust isn’t only solid and built to last but for those of us who’re assembly challenged its currently put with each other.  This develop is ideal for those of us who’re trying to find anything that is lightweight but still strong adequate to safely maintain our dog.  
    This lightweight aluminum crate isn’t only built to last but has added attributes such as drain holes that make it simple to clean.  The Kalispel aluminium pet crate not just comes within a variety of sizes nevertheless it presents a secure and comfy spot for your dog.  If you will be employing your crate indoors or outdoors the Kalispell aluminium pet crate in sizes from tiny to added substantial is certainly the top rated in the line.  As well as keeping your dog safe if employed outside this crate will safeguard him from the climate too.  
    Metal Dog Crates
    Should you be seeking and affordable alternative towards the aluminum kennel you will discover metal pet crates which can be comparable to those you see at kennels.  These metal dog crates are usually not assembled as well as the bottoms may possibly be created of metal or a fiberglass.  1 with the advantages of these kinds of crates is your capability to collapse the crate if you aren’t using it.  This can be a specially helpful for those who all of the use your crate indoors from time to time.  If you intend to make use of a crate though as make sure you invest in a crate that has protection from the climate.  
    Cage supplies 
    You would not feel that a cage necessarily expected supplies.  Even so, covers can insulate your puppy from the cold and may well be applied in both lightweight aluminum and metal crates.  One particular other solution is a cover with handles which is often found in hunting dog provide shops.  For all those hunters who choose to make their dog prior to taking him to the field these kinds of supplies can help your dog remain healthful, comfortable, and dry.    Based on the crate you’ve got purchased there may perhaps be other supplies offered.  Check with your hunting dog supplies shop for available choices.   

    In case you are an avid sportsman visit http//:www.gundogsonline.com for anyone who is on the lookout for training collars,  as well as GPS 320

    Scenarios When Dog Training Collars Are Convenient

    Dog training collars are precious equipment for expert dog trainers simply because of the successful aversive stimuli contained in such pet add-ons. Obviously, all these aversive stimuli would be the obnoxious caution beeps and also the light electrical shocks of varying levels delivered from the dog collar on the pet’s skin. In turn, mentioned aversive stimuli are actually started by way of a remote control controlled by the dog trainer as well as owners. There are various advantages linked to working with proper dog training collars. These particular then are a few of the potential circumstances where the aversive stimuli relating to training collars come in hand and could even happen to be a lifesaver. Obedience Training Teaching your pet dog is much easier in comparison to teaching other kinds of animals for example kitties, birds and even horses. Man and canine have worked alongside each other ever since the prehistoric era and even canine are wired to generally be man’s best friend. However, additionally, there are complications normal during exercising dogs naturally as they are still animals. Yet again, the training receiver collar may be a beneficial gadget for puppy obedience training for these reasons: The aversive stimuli call the canine’s focus on the work currently happening. Your pet then simply tries to perform along with behave in the desired fashion so as to evade the specific uncomfortable sensations which come from the aversive stimuli. By way of example, once you call your pet but it will not get to your side due to a disruption, a very deafening alert beep is usually released via the receiver collar, thus, in the end making the dog refocus with your request. The training collar enables you to notify the canine regarding certain unwanted manners through instruction. Only just you should not exaggerate its utilization since the pooch may become resistant to the aversive stimuli provided by the receiver collar. Additionally, it is very important utilize several other techniques to remedy bad behavior which includes positive support. Command over Physical Mobility Dog training collars may also be beneficial for controlling the physical exercises of pet dogs.In case you have challenges with errant pet dogs, you can really like how a training collar may well reduce your animal’s circulation towards harmful territory. Your puppy has a proclivity of running to the road in which cars and trucks are generally whizzing in. Even the picket wall which has a modest height can be simply climbed and also jumped over by your favorite four-legged friend. Given that you cannot be employing a fence the size of a prison, the training collar is an effective option. When your four-legged friend actually starts to try to escape, the collar may be activated to provide the electrical surprise, which should end your puppy in its tracks. This really should provide you with enough time to pursue it avoiding its runaway ideas. And you will probably have just saved its life from the wheels of moving past vehicles, along with that you’ve got stopped a different car accident where peoples lives could possibly be lost. It is also possible to use a training collar to control your dog’s too much barking tendencies. Every time your dog barks over and above the specified number of minutes, the aversive stimuli are released. Your dog will need to learn to start barking no more than at acceptable occasions instead of shattering the ears of the whole vicinity. There have proven to be additional occasions while dog training collars could be used to your advantage. So, acquire one today and find out for yourself.

    Heartworm And Your Hunting Dog

    Heartworm is a serious, often fatal disease and is one of the worst diseases your dog can face.  Luckily, it’s easy to prevent heartworm and it takes nothing more than a pill, food additive, and preventive care.  You can purchase a heartworm pill to give to your hunting dog as a “treat,” or get liquid or powder additives to put into your dog’s food regularly (weekly, monthly, etc. depending on the treatment).

    Heartworm Facts

    Heartworm can live in the dog’s body and work its way into all major organs and tissue, and finally the heart, which is what kills the animal. Heartworm is a parasite and mosquitoes are often to blame because they carry heartworm. However, your dog can also get heartworm from other animals like foxes and coyotes.

    Preventing Heartworm

    Preventing is the easiest way to “treat” heartworm.  As said earlier, getting protection is as easy as giving him a pill, adding something to his food, and keeping his home (and him) clean.  While it’s common to treat heartworm only in the warmer months, many people have found that doing it year-round is both easier and more effective.  Veterinarians agree.

    Symptoms of Heartworm

    One of the first signs of a heartworm infestation you may notice is your pet loses weight. This may also be accompanied by a lack of energy.   Often once the heartworm infection moves into the dog’s lungs then you’ll notice excessive coughing.  You should be aware that unfortunately heartworm infections are almost not detectable during the first few months because they aren’t causing any specific problems. This is one of the reasons why preventative medications are so critical to your dogs health.


    Typically a veterinarian will do a ‘double’ test to determine if the infection from heartworm is male or female as this does affect how it is treated.  Normal heartworm tests are typically blood tests that may involve observation at the clinic.  Test help determine how advanced the heartworm infection is by testing for an approximate heartworm count.

    Treating Heartworm

    After diagnosis, heartworm treatment must begin right away. Otherwise, the infected dog can spread the disease to other dogs. Treatment will vary depending on worm count and the stage of the disease. An otherwise healthy dog will most likely live through the treatment, but an unhealth one has almost no chance of surviving. Treatment may not work if the parasites have affected too many organs or if the worm count has become too high. Prevention and early treatment is the best way to treat heartworm.

    If any other dogs are living with or around the infected dog, they should be tested immediately for heartworm as well.  It spreads quickly from one dog to the next, so testing is important.  People should be tested as well, as humans are also capable of getting heartworm.

    While heartworm is a potentially deadly parasite, prevention is the secret to keeping your dog from contracting it.

    Making sure your hunting dogs is properly cared for is extremely important to make sure you have all your hunting dog supplies that is necessary to train your dog properly including PetSafe Wireless Fence, Innotek 5100, and Innotek 4100.

    Types of Hunting Dogs

    There are many exceptional breeds that make wonderful hunting dogs, but not all are categorized solely as hunting dogs.  Case in point: hounds hunt undersized prey such as jackrabbits, and raccoons, animals that like to live in thickets.  However, not every hound hunts wholly by scent, as some make use of their well-developed vision too (sight hounds).

    Gun dogs are another common category of hunting dog.  Remember, not all hunting dogs are gun dogs.  Gun dogs are primarily used by hunters who hunt with shotguns, mainly those hunting for various types of fowl.  They encompass retrievers, pointers, setters, and spaniels usually.   Terriers and feists are also types of gun dogs and have been known to squeeze into rabbit holes and other hideouts to chase out game.  Curs are larger hunting dogs and are able to hunt bigger game, such as cougars.
    There are numerous diverse breeds of gun dogs.  They are outstanding dogs when you are in the hunt for those to retrieve or even chase game.  Each breed has unique abilities and personalities.  A brief breakdown of these abilities and personalities:


    Not only are retrievers fantastic family pets, but they are also a first-rate option as hunting dogs.  They are first-rate swimmers and are fond of the water.  If you are aiming to hunt duck or other birds by the water, you should select a retriever, as he will have no difficulty seizing birds, whether on land or in the water.  Retrievers also learn the command “fetch” simpler than nearly all other dogs, as their innate instinct is to retrieve things.


    Although spaniels do not mind water or swimming, their main talent can be found in locating hidden game.  They are not unlike retrievers in that they are more than willing to retrieve prey.  Cocker spaniels are very popular as they make excellent pets, but they are also talented hunters.  English springer spaniels and cocker spaniels are two of the most well-known spaniel breeds categorized as hunting dogs, but field spaniels are growing in popularity each year.   Spaniels will retrieve prey on land or in the water.


    Pointers, such as the German shorthaired pointer, find the prey for the hunter and point at it, hence their name.  This breed will cover a much larger region than spaniels, but rely on the hunter to draw out the prey.


    Setters, like pointers, will find and point at prey, but will also sniff out the prey themselves on command.  Setters, like the popular English setter, are brilliant at locating upland birds.  As hunting dogs, they are more widely used in England and Ireland than in the United States.

    Water Dogs

    When we hear the term “poodle,” we often picture a lap dog with a curly hair-do.  Nonetheless, the poodle is a kind of retriever that swims well and is, theoretically, a hunting dog.  The larger breeds of poodles are better-quality dogs to use for hunting when near the water.   Distinctive from other hunting dogs, poodles have actual hair instead of fur and have to be clipped once in a while.  An interesting note: they are wonderful hunting dogs for those with dog allergies.

    The sort of hunting you plan on doing will influence the type of hunting dog that is suitable for you.  Try to plan for this in advance, so that when you hunt for your prey you have the proper expectations for the dog. Knowing what your dog is capable of in the field will help you train him to be the best hunting dog he can be.

    When purchasing Bird Dogs you must also consider what kind of Hunting Dog Supplies you might need. A few supplies to consider are dog training collars, bird launchers, and electronic dog fences.