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Buyer’s Help guide to Electronic Dog Training Collars

So you have completed your research, and decided that the use of an electronic dog training collar are going to be safe and efficient for you and your gun dog. With the hard part out of the way, it may seem like a easy activity to pick a certain merchandise and manufacturer, make a purchase, and get your dog’s training underway. Nonetheless, lots of people find that it’s not such a simple task, and have no clue where to begin when selecting certain merchandise. This guide will help you with this quest. 

Dog Shock Collars

Whether you’re training in the field, or on the hunt, TriTronics is simply the finest in dog shock collar merchandise. Supplying numerous units to train your dog, TriTronics provides up to a One mile range, and up to 20 different levels of stimulation. The dog shock collars provided with TriTronics units are water-proof and lightweight, and are managed via super sturdy transportable transmitters.  TriTronics even offers a wealth of add-ons, for instance holsters, chargers for collar and transmitter battery packs, and dummy collars.  Great services and products are supported with well over Forty years of experience, making TriTronics the oldest and most respected company of its kind.  SportDog offers a comparable, less expensive line of similar electronic training collars. Click here to see SportDog products which work in the same manner as other shock collars, and are offered with a limited lifetime warranty. They are 100% water-resistant and very tough, have up to Fifty levels of controllable stimulation, and an enormous range of up to one and a half miles. 

Containment Units

There are 2 major types of containment systems: Electric, and wireless. For electric systems, PetSafe is a good product for the typical hunting dog owner.  This specific system requires the electric line to be buried just a few inches underground, while the transmitter may be designed to emit various degrees of power.  PetSafe is ideal for a standard size yard. To be able to fence bigger areas with even greater control and ease, try an Innotek containment system. With Innotech, you are able to safely fence as many as Twenty-five acres!  Innotech can also provide additional training collars for the same system, for several gun dogs.  Although the two prior items are exceptional in performance and design, there’s one system that stands far above the rest in selections and application: The PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence.  This specific system uses a wireless radio signal released from a central transmitter. The transmitter possesses a dial setting that regulates how big the “fenced”, or controlled area. Using this type of system, you merely dial-up the perimeter, put the collar on your dog, and that’s it- simple, effective, and cost-conscious.

Anti-Bark Collar

The Innotech bark collar is quite possibly the most advanced and affordable bark collar available on the market. It works by using an remarkable progressive intensity system. Using this type of electronic bird dog anti-bark collar, a little charge is emitted as the gun dog starts to bark. With every couple of “barks”, the collar intelligently raises the intensity until the gun dog quits barking, after which the collar resets itself to the lowest setting.  Innotech manufactures their bark collars to be 100% water resistant, and extremely light in weight.  

Beeper Collar

For several hundred years, bells were attached to gun dogs when they’re on the hunt in order to alert their owners of their whereabouts. However, bells easily became tangled and muffled, and when a gun dog is still or pointing, a bell is silent. This is why Dogtra has created the beeper collar. This locator collar can be set to beep constantly or sporadically, and can be detected from as far away as One mile.  Dogtra offers devices for multiple hunting dogs, and possesses innovative features, such as various modes to inform you whenever your dog is pointing, hunting, flushing, or stationary, and about how far away they are.


The Reasons Why You Need To Have A Shock collar To Help You Train Your Bird Hunting Dog

Years ago, dog shock collars have been known as “shock collars” and regarded as being an inhumane way to train a bird dog.  Things have changed in this department for the better – both for dogs as well as their trainers.  Today’s dog shock collars tend to be extremely effective as well as gentle to use on dogs.  

Almost all bird dog handlers today use electric dog training collars to train hunting dogs.  This is particularly essential if you are training gun dogs.  Hunting dogs are the ones that accompanies hunters who go after small game and hunt with shotguns.   The type of electronic dog collar which you use would depend on the type of bird dog that you will be using as well as the kind of hunting which you do.  

You may, after all, want to think about range when you are hunting with a pointer.  A pointer will track the prey, follow it and point it out for the hunter.  They work just like spaniels except that they cover a lot more ground and don’t usually flush out the prey.  Those who hunt wild game such as pheasant will most likely work with either a pointer or a spaniel.  If you are hunting wild game in the thicket, you will need to have an electric dog training collar that covers a wide transmission range so that you can use it to successfully train your gun dog.  

On the other hand, if you are hunting duck or waterfowl along with your retriever, you will want to be sure that the shock collar is water-proof, as retrievers are apt to get wet.  There are long range and water-proof electronic dog training collars on the market to train your hunting dogs.  

Dogs do not understand you shouting at them moments once they have done something incorrect.  The longer the period of time between the infraction and the admonishment, the more perplexed the bird dog is likely to get.  And the older the bird dog gets, the more undesirable habits he obtains and the more difficult it can be to train him.  This makes shock collars so effective.  They can give the hunting dog a “nick” the second that he does something wrong. This will make him comprehend the right behavior much quicker – something that will be a lot easier on him and you. 

The quicker you’ve got your bird dog trained and ready for the hunt, the better off for both you and your bird dog.  Gun dogs are social animals and live to please what they consider to be the “top dog.”  In this case, it needs to be you.  You are doing your hunting dog a disservice to extend the training period in any way as it will simply make the bird dog more troubled – not to mention you.  

When you have a well behaved dog that is an efficient hunter, both you and the hunting dog will be at peace with one another.  The bird dog will realize his part and you’ll have a hunting buddy for a lifetime.  Making use of an electronic dog collar is the best method to allow the gun dog to be trained in one of the most compassionate manner.  You can select from a variety of electronic dog training collars that are available on the market that are created to help you make your hunting dog into a expert hunter and lovable pet.   

Exactly What Dogtra Electronic Dog Collars?

If you’ve just ordered or received a dog, should it be a dog for hunting or a working dog, you are probably going to have to provide it with some training.  Cooperation and efficient, safe training are paramount to achievements, so you will be looking for a approach to accomplish these three objectives.

The Dogtra Electric dog collar is possibly the solution, since it has been for a lot of hunting and sporting dog owners.  This is among the best brands of electric dog collars – and for good reason.

These collars incorporate some great features, including:

Safety Features: no static impulse is obtainable above a safe level with no “accidental” jolt is possible, nor are continual stimulations because of some thing sticking on the button or holding it down.

Waterproof: these collars are absolutely water resistant and work equally as well wet as they do dry. Important if your dog is a water dog, for example a retriever.

Controlled Stimulation: you can actually control the stimulation, when it’s administered, as well as the level the stimulation takes (power and also duration), within the safety restrictions of the collar.

Pager: you can also make use of the system to train your dog to respond (or provide him a “heads up”) without having to use the static stimulation.

Many think that static collars (often inaccurately identified as “shock” or “stun” collars) are inhumane.  Any individual that has used one, or who cares enough about their dog to test one, knows that this is completely incorrect.  These are veterinarian-approved collars that are safe, effective, and possibly the most humane method to teach a dog.  Absolutely no choking, collar pulling, emotional outbreaks (yelling/screaming) are essential for these collars to operate successfully.  The key to the success of these collars is not the “shock” they provide, but the shock that the static gives to the dog, surprising him out of his bad behavior.  

The available Dogtra Electric dog collar models that are offered right now are:

Dogtra 200NCP Gold Dog shock collar

The Dogtra 200NCP Gold is ideal for the smaller or medium-sized dog which is not usually more than a half a mile from you when you are training.  Numerous non-sporting or smaller sized sporting breeds, for example terriers and beagles, will be sized good for these types of collars.  The unit is light-weight but still has a reputable range (880 yards) in good conditions.

Dogtra 175NCP Dog training collar

It is Dogra’s top-notch system, the Dogtra 175NCP is water resistant and also works up to Four hundred yards away.  While not necessarily perfect for hunters or longer-range trainers (scent dogs, flushers, etc.), this unit is great for the household pet and also closer-to-home dog that doesn’t tend to roam far.  

Both types of Dogtra Electronic Dog Training Collars are secure and efficient for training your dog-whether it is a hunter or even a family pet (or both).  Additional safety characteristics imply that your dog won’t be wounded during training.  These certainly are a safe, humane, and efficient way to train your dog to become all that they can be!

Tri-Tronics Sport Series Dog Training Collars Are The Most Effective Available On The Market

You must have a shock collar that works as hard as your bird hunting dog works for you.  The Tri-Tronics Sport series are the most sturdy dog training collars on today’s market, being a hundred percent waterproof and designed to take the punishment given to them by dog for bird hunting.  Bird dogs dive through underbrush, jump into mud, swim streams, dive into lakes, plus more since they try to grab the game.  You need to have a electric dog training collar that can tolerate this abuse.

Once you have made a decision to use a electronic dog collar, you are making an investment into training gear that you’ll need to ensure .  Under all circumstances.  Tri-Tronics stands behind their products’ sturdiness.

Benefiting from state-of-the-art engineering to produce both small and durable receivers and transmitters is how Tri-Tronics produces on their guarantee.  Their systems are designed to work effectively come rain, sleet, snow or worse.  No matter the climate you and your dog function in, Tri-Tronics will be there with you.

Apart from the stream-lined size and durability, the Tri-Tronics Sport series permits you to train as much as three dogs at a time, consequently they’re really versatile.  If you’ve got multiple dogs and don’t possess a system to accommodate, that’s a genuine problem.  Tri-Tronics Sports series are specially designed with twenty levels of stimulation too, with each dog being controlled separately.  Since some actions demand merely a light reminder yet others require more significant correction, these types of stages of stimulation (which are all operated from the transmitter) allow for optimum flexibility for each situation.

Tri-Tronics also knows that working and gun dogs are certainly not always close by, so their transmitters will work with the receivers up to 1 / 2 mile away, giving you terrific range to work in.

For going beyond electronic stimulation to audio prompts or reminders, the Tri-Tronics Sport series also provides this particular with the beeper choice.  This emits a sound, but no stimulation, and also for praise-positive being a stronger training tool than negative.  This allows you a complete array of tools for training your dog or dogs, that will make it much easier, faster, and longer-lasting.  The Tri-Tronics system provides a full-range of tools that will help you train a cheerful, healthy, and obedient dog for bird hunting.

Using Electric Dog Training Collars To Train More Than 1 Bird Dog

Many dog trainers are applied to education more than 1 dog at a time. In case you are education dogs for a living or when you have more than 1 dog to train, you’ll be able to use a dog training collar that could allow you to train up to 3 dogs at a time.  This can save you a whole lot of time and get all the dogs operating together in harmony.  

The objective from the electric dog training collar is usually to get dogs trained as quickly as you possibly can inside the most humane way.  Dogs possess a brief focus span as well as a short memory at the same time.  You can’t yell at a dog for something that he did ten minutes ago as he will have no idea why you will be upset.

Up until several years ago, there weren’t too quite a few methods to communicate with dogs.  Dog whistles were regarded to be essentially the most effective tool to make use of when instruction dogs, especially many dogs.  It was confusing at initially, on the other hand, for the dogs, as they were inclined to react on each of the whistle calls.  Gradually, they began to understand that a particular whistle call was for them.  It took some time for them to in fact comprehend this course of action.  

Dog Training Collars, years ago, had been effective, but had been thought to be to be inhumane.  They delivered an electric pulse for the dog which could not be varied.  A lot of dog trainers didn’t like making use of them, particularly given that they did not differentiate in between a minor infraction and some thing significant.  Nevertheless, in current years, dog shock collars have created tremendous strides.  No longer are they referred to as “shock collars” as they deliver a wide range of stimulation that is certainly meant to appropriate and not punish the dog.  

Some electronic collars can train up to 3 dogs at a time.  They operate by transmission signals.  You hold the transmitter within your hand along with the 3 dogs every single wear a collar which has a distinct signal.  Quite a few dog trainers will tie bandanas over the collars or mark them in some way to ensure that they don’t get mixed up once they are training over 1 dog in this manner.  The trainer can then use the transmitter to send stimulation towards the dog that does a thing that warrants a correction proper when he does it.  In this way, you are correcting the dog the minute that he makes an error, so that he understands.  And due to the fact the levels can be adjusted on the subject of the electronic stimulation, you will be giving the dog only a little of a nudge that he requirements to stop poor behavior in his tracks.  

If you are instruction three dogs at 1 time, the electronic collar may be the ideal solution to go.  You should still use a whistle so that the dog associates the pitch using the instruction, but by making use of the electric dog collar, you might be permitting him to create the association a great deal quicker.  

Shock Collars are probably the most efficient strategy to train more than one dog at a time and work for the advantage of each the dogs too because the trainer.

Choosing the appropriate gun dog supplies is particularly essential. Check out GundogsOnline.com for more information and facts on Bird Dogs and beeper collar.

Reasons to Buy a Dog Training Collar

Is your dog barking too much? Consider to use a Dog Training Collar to reduce your dog’s excessive barking. These dog training collars are the most effective among all types of anti barking products or methods available today on the market. Other types of anti barking tools have some drawbacks compared with the dog training collars. 1. They’re unsafe. It is sadly, but there are anti barking devices that are not safe to use for your dog. They could cause an array of health problems, which is definitely a situation that you want to avoid. The dog training collars provide your dog with aversive stimuli that are powerful enough to startle it. If you have your dog wearing such a collar you don’t need to worry about injuries or other health problems. Dog owners care on the safety of their dogs and don’t want any risks when they train them. Any dog will remain safe and sound while it wears a Dog Training Collar. 2. Not all products are as effective Many anti-barking methods on the market simply aren’t effective. Effectiveness is the top goal of any training tool or method. Scientific studies performed on various anti barking items have shown that the dog training collar is the most effective of them. What is their effectiveness? Those studies have also shown that some types of dog training collars can eliminate up to 90% of the dogs barking. This is the highest rate of success among all types of products used to alter animal behavior. 3. Many people cannot afford them If you don’t mind spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, then options such as an obedience training school could be a viable option. These animal training schools charge a lot of money for their programs but they don’t guarantee the success in all cases. There are many dog owners who don’t need too sophisticated training devices and they usually are looking for models that cost less than $100. The best choice is the training collar if one considers both the effectiveness and the price of the product. 4. They’re inhumane. Though they aren’t many, some other anti barking methods are also effective, but in the mean time they are inhumane. Because we all love our pets, we don’t want to use any training method or tool that could do them any harm or pain. The aversive stimuli provided by the dog anti barking collar are subtle. Aside the warning sound, such list includes ultrasounds and citronella oil. So you can be 100% sure that such collars are as humane as they are effective. 5. Some are complicated devices Regular dog owners want to easy understand the functioning and use of the anti barking devices or methods they buy. Otherwise, it could be a hassle to use. Nevertheless, the dog training collar is simple device. They detect the barking through a microphone and use a penlight battery to power the device. Then when your dog barks, usually a beep sounds and a simple stimulus is triggered. These simple training tools are really diminishing the excess of barking of the dog. This is why people buy them.

Properly Socialize Your Bird Dog Puppy

If you have a puppy, you should know that socializing is a crucial part of caring for your new hunting dog. The unsocialized puppy may end up biting out of fear, so it’s very important to socialize your dog. If you’re looking to start social training with your dog, here are some tips.

Puppy School

Puppy training classes can be a great asset to you and your puppy.  You’ll learn commands that will teach your puppy control himself, like sit, stay and quiet. You’ll also receive advice on socialization questions. Check with local pet stores or search online to find a puppy class near you.

A word of caution: keep shy puppies away from group training classes, as this can overwhelm. If your dog exhibits shy behvarior, like hiding from people or things, you should help him gain trust and confidence before starting on any dog training exercises.

Dealing with a Shy Dog

What do you do when your puppy is shy to the point of being afraid? Never force a fearful dog to accept petting. This increases his anxiety and could lead to fear biting. To help a shy puppy come out of his shell, you’ll need to do a “greeting circle”.  Here’s how:

To do the greeting circle, ask friends for some help. Everyone should sit in a circle with delicious treats on hand. Have them sit on a sideways angle, since this is non-threatening. Instruct everyone to avoid eye contact, sudden movements, or leaning or dominating behaviors which can scare the puppy.

The way to make this circle work is to have each person sitting in the circle put a treat in their hand and close their hand and extend it into the circle.  Once this is done you can each open up your hands and call to the puppy, and try to urge him to come to take the treat from your hand.  You should make sure that you’re using soft voices and offering encouraging words during this process, but don’t try to pet the dog until he comes to you for attention.

Go around the circle. Have each person encourage puppy to take the treat. Make it easy for your puppy.  When he learns the game and is voluntarily walking up to the next hand, you can change it up a bit by changing direction or having people call him at random.

Typically before you know it your will be going voluntarily to each person looking for his ‘treat’.  At this point you might want to consider introducing another dog into your circle to see if your puppy will still stay engaged.

The Play Date

The best way to introduce you dog is through play dates. He’ll have the chance to play with other dogs and meet people, which will help him open up. Make his first play date fun, and reinforce with positivity and praise. But watch carefully because a meeting with an unfriendly dog can leave an impact on the puppy.

Play dates should be arranged with relaxed, friendly dogs and people. Adult dogs can be considered, too, so if you know a friend with a very nice adult dog, start by arranging a play date with them.

Another option is to see if your local pet stores have play times that they open to the public – if they do they are typically offered at no cost. One thing to watch for is if your pup seems to be afraid or if he’s being bullied by another dog, remove him from the area right away so he’s not discouraged.

If you get the chance, take you puppy with you so that he can see, smell, and experience different things. Bring treats with you and reward him for good behavior. At the pet store, make sure he gets a treat the minute you walk in. Allow him to roam around and become comfortable on his own terms.

Puppies always attract people. If your puppy is approached by strangers who want to pet him, inform them that you puppy is being trained. Give them a treat to give to your puppy to help with the training.