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How to silence the neighbor’s dog

Barking is a natural behavior of dogs and guarding dogs and hounds are specifically trained to bark. An excessively barking dog would get on the nerves of people even those considered to be dog lovers. This concern is worsened by the fact that among the behavioral problems of dogs, barking is the hardest to modify. A dog owner may be able to put up with the pet’s barking but other people will certainly be pestered by the noise. How will you deal with the incessant noise of the neighbor’s dog that pre4vents you from having a good night’s rest?

Dealing with the maddening noise created by the neighbor’s dog is not easy primarily because the dog is not yours. Killing the dog would not be a good solution not if you do not want to have the police in your doorstep. The incessant barking must be stopped if you want to have a good night’s sleep. Complaining about the noisy dog would never be easy and pleasant as you need to maintain good relationship with the neighbor that will be next door for years.

With a friendly approach you can tell the neighbor that you are bothered by the noise created by the dog. You are complaining about the dog but be sure to stay on friendly terms with the neighbor. Talking in a high handed manner will antagonize and make the neighbor defensive. Take not of the date and time of your visit as well as times when the dog has become a nuisance. These records will be needed if you decide to take the problem to the authorities.

If you really want peace but hesitant to have an altercation with the neighbor then you can make use of technology by dipping in your pocket and installing an ultrasonic device. Excessively barking dog are usually those that are kept outdoors. This ultrasonic device will send out a piercing sound that can only be heard by dogs. Irritated by the high pitched sound, the dog will stop barking

If the neighbor has ignored your complaints and the ultrasonic barking device failed to address the concern, you still have another option. Your neighbor has the right to own a dog but you also have the right to live in a peaceful environment. You can go to the police and explain the problem or you can pay the local animal control a visit.



Coprophagia: A dog’s abhorrent habit

Popeye the Sailor Man owes his famous human strength from eating spinach. Dog owners have always been complaining about the pet’s obnoxious habit of eating feces. Is it possible that dogs consider feces as a food elixir that would enhance their strength?

The food bowls of pet dogs are regularly filled with food thus the habit of eating feces was not developed because the dog is hungry. Dogs are well loved pets and dog owners would not think twice to pay for pricey dog food as long as the health of the pet is ensured. Dog owners make sure that the pet have enough food. Dog owners would even go against the advice of dog behaviorists not to feed the dog before they have their meal so as not to encourage the pet to develop a pushy behavior. Dogs definitely do not eat feces because they are hungry.

The feces eating habit is a trait handed down to modern day dogs by their ancestors that live in the wild. The feces eating habit is associated with the dog’s self protection instinct. Like any other animal in the wild, dogs too would hide their presence from predators. The distinct and far reaching smell of feces is not unlike a red flag that announces the dog’s whereabouts. What can be a better way of removing all traces of the dog than eating the feces. Generally, modern day dogs live safe and secure inside the homes thus there is no need to hide from predators. The need to protect themselves from predators is deeply established so that even if hiding from predators is no longer necessary, dogs will still be seen eating poop.

It seems that dogs are skilled in knowing the abnormalities in their system. For instance, a dog will just eat grass if toxic substances are ingested and presto! the substance not accepted by the stomach will be ejected. Coprophagia or the habit of eating feces is associated with the dog’s need to fill up a nutrient deficiency that results from eating less nutritious dog food.

Dog owners are aware that their pets are social animals thus they would set aside some time to bond with the pet. Some dog owners though may not be aware of this need and others simply do not have the time. The habit of eating poop can be the dog’s way of getting the masters attention. True, this abhorrent habit will annoy the pet owner and the dog will be reprimanded but reprimands would be better than being ignored.


How to stop excessive dog barking

Dog owners, in one time or another have to face problems regarding the behavior of the pet. The dog’s tendency to soil the house and to chew destructively will only affect the owner. Excessive barking is a different concern as it also affects the neighbors. The dog’s excessive barking will disturb the owners as we well as the neighbors. The noise made by an excessively barking dog will irritate not only to the owners but to the neighbors as well. The excessive barking of a dog becomes a more serious concern as many dog owners live close to each other in condos and in apartments

Barking is generally not considered a problem. Dogs bark to communicate with humans and with other animals. Some owners actually value the barking of the pet as it serves as an early warning system that alerts them to a potential territorial intrusion. Barking becomes a problem when it gets out of control and starts to annoy people. Excessive barking is one of the most difficult canine behavioral problems to control.

Dogs are often abandoned by pet owners fed up by the unmanageable behavior of the pet. Excessive barking though can be stopped. Although barking is a natural behavior there are other reasons why dogs bark. Boredom, fear or excitement can make a dog bark excessively. To be able to address this concern, it is necessary to know what causes the dog to bark excessively.

Lonely and bored dogs tend to bark excessively. Bored dogs bark a lot thus, to stop the dog from barking it would be a good idea to leave interesting toys that will keep the dog busy. Dogs that are not allowed to let off steam bark a lot too thus regular opportunities to exercise is necessary to stop the dog’s excessive barking. Are you aware that one of the methods used to stop the dog’s excessive barking is to teach the pet to bark? Dogs are specifically trained to bark to alert humans to potential dangers but this training is also an effective way of stopping the dog’s tendency to bark excessively. A spray bottle or a can filled with coins are proven techniques that disrupt a dog about to bark.

Using ultrasonic devices that emit a piercing sound and dog training collars that deliver a spray of substance abhorrent to dogs can be used to stop excessive barking. Excessive barking can be the dog’s way to gain attention. A little attention given to the pet is all that is necessary to stop the bad behavior.