Sarah’s Dog

I spent today with my friend Sarah. She lives out on a farm in a remote area. It’s often fun to go and have a bit of a farm holiday with her. Autumn, summer and spring out on the farm are of course lovely, but I even believe the winter season is stunning out there, with the grey sky and stark, leafless woods. Snow is a bonus, but regrettably it’s fairly all melted at this point. My favourite thing to do out there is take extended walks out on the trails separating the fields. Regrettably, today’s stroll was totally marred by the fact that her trustworthy dog has a bad case of diarrhea.

Now, Sarah has much less to annoy her when it comes to doggy diarrhea than most people. She strolls completely on her own land, so she doesn’t even need to clean it up most of the time. Nevertheless, I was rather disgusted, and she explained he’d been getting it off and on for a while now, so I decided to look up dog diarrhea cures online. Thankfully, I knew about this website. I think it’s fairly new, but I’ve found it helpful . They supposedly have realveterinarians who contribute the content and give advice. It’s fairly simple to find what you need . They have separate sections on health problems for different types of pets , like this one for canines. Sadly, you kind of just need to browse through an alphabetical list of topics at that point. There’s not much further categorization.

Sarah’s dog has undoubtedly had bowel issues for a lot more than 3 weeks, so he certified for the “chronic diarrhea” I linked to above. I saw that they listed dietary issues as one of the possible causes, and he doesn’t have any of the more alarming symptoms, so I inquired of Sarah whether she’d switched his dog food earlier than he started getting sick. Yes, naturally! So I sent her to a dog food analysis site to check out her brand. Turns out it’s recognised to give many canines diarrhea. Sigh. My offering for the beautiful walks.


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