Russian Toy Terrier – A Unique Breed

Toy dogs are generally kept as companions. Instead of being utilized by the owner to do various tasks, the owners would be the slaves of the pet. Pet parents carrying toy dogs in their arms or in trendy designed tote bags are not uncommon sights. The Russian Toy Terrier, as the name implies belong to the toy dog breed. Russkiy Toy, Moscow Toy Terriera and Muscovian Miniature Terrier are the other names of the Russian Toy Terrier, the breed that is well accepted in Russia and in other dog loving countries of the world.

The Russian people have always been dog lovers. Ownership of a purebred dog is a kind of status symbol that allows the owner to rub elbows with the aristocracy. Purebred hunting dogs are favored by the Russian aristocracy. Even the ladies of the royal family have favorite dog breeds too. The popularity of toy breeds soared during the 17th and 18th centuries. These small dogs are the favorites of royal ladies thus they were dubbed as Lady’s Dogs. It has been a custom for aristocratic ladies to be photographed with their miniature pets. The Russian Toy Terrier is immensely popular during that era.

The Russian Toy Terrier measures from 8 to 10 inches and weighs from 3 to 6 pounds. This miniature dog can be the smallest or can be one of the smallest dog breed. Two types of dogs belong to this breed – one is smooth haired and the other is long coated.

One type of Russian Toy Terrier has the looks of a small deer with its long but stick-like legs, small head, small muzzle, deer-like big eyes and large upstanding ears. Both the long haired and the short haired types are very similar in body structure. The difference lies on the hair that covers the ears. The ears of this types is not unlike the wings of a butterfly because of the long hair.

Toy dogs are wonderful pets. Anybody would instantly fall in love with these toy dogs as aside from the eye catching appearance, their sweet, loyal and loving nature makes them outstanding companion. Toy dogs are ideal choices for a pet for less active people and for those living in apartments. Even inside the home, these dogs can satisfy their exercise requirements on their own. Ownership of this toy dogs would evoke pride and satisfaction every time the attractive pet is noticed by people.


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