Put An End to German Shepherd Growling

A large dog like a German Shepherd is threatening enough even without growling behavior.  If your German Shepherd gets in the habit of growling, he can truly scare people.

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Growling is one way that the dog communicates with you, with other dogs, with other people, and with strangers.  Occasionally, growling is appropriate, like when a stranger comes near, and sometimes it’s not.  Pet dogs regularly growl when they feel threatened by something and it may be a prelude to taking the following step, which can be snapping or biting.  If someone does not want to be bitten he’d better stand back.


A German Shepherd may feel threatened when people are around as they might step on him.  A dog might be telling folks that he’s around so they’d better not do anything curious.


Sometimes, growling can be acceptable if the dog is being trained to be a guard dog.  But you shouldn’t encourage growling at a friend or other friendly people.

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Something must be done if your dog growls at friendly people or other pet dogs in the park.  Your dog might have trouble socializing or relaxing in the presence of others.  However, your pet must be well-behaved when he is with you at all times.


When growling becomes uncontrollable, something must be done.  Your dog may feel like he has the authority and that you’re not the leader anymore.


Be Careful When Trying to stop Growling Behavior in Dogs


Don’t confront your dog using a punishment of sorts when he growls at you.  That approach will only escalate into violence and you will harm your relationship with your dog.  Fear or dislike, or both could develop.


If your pet is growling you should have your veterinarian check him out to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with him.  Your dog may be hurt and you don’t know about it.  If there is nothing physically wrong with him, then you can proceed with training.


Stopping German Shepherd Growling


One of the very best ways of stopping German Shepherd growling is to work on schooling your dog.  It’s tricky to deal with this problem on your own. Your coach can help you get control of your pet again.  Training could also help your German Shepherd become loyal to you again.  If you show authority, your puppy will do all that he can to please you.  A German Shepherd is innately receptive to training so this shouldn’t be a problem.  Instruction should help you restore your relationship with your dog.

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Once you and your German Shepherd have restored your relationship you can discourage any other growling that your dog has been engaging in.  He will also figure out how to growl when you ask him to. Your dog is going to be under your proper control, as he should be.


Growling can be a dog’s method of telling you that something is wrong, expressing his anger or conveying his needs.  But growling can be bad if your dog does this persistently and unsuitably.  A schooling program can help you assert your authority without aggravating the state of affairs.


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