Pros And Cons To Choosing A Dog Over An Alarm System

It is becoming more and more necessary for homeowners to practice proper home security. The country is losing more and more jobs each day and some people have begun to become desperate. Some people are opting to get home alarm systems, others are opting to get guard dogs, and others aren’t quite sure what to do.

I’ve had dogs and I’ve had home alarm systems as well as surveillance cameras and know the advantages and disadvantages of all of them. I wrote this article to talk about the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make an informed choice.

Making Use Of A Guard Dog For Home Protection

I’m a dog lover and when I’m home alone my dog makes me feel safe. My dog is large, loyal, and courageous and I know he’ll defend me if it comes down to that. In addition to this, my dog is his own alarm system. I know that when people try to get into my house, my dog will bark and growl. His barks alert me to potential danger and they deter would-be home invaders.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to making my dog my security system. First and foremost, I love my dog and do not want him to get hurt. Dogs have large teeth and are strong, but we can’t forget that man is at the top of the food chain. A man with a gun, large knife, or even a bat will injure or even kill my dog. Also, my dog is a drain on my money and my time. He requires food, walks, and veterinarian care. Not only this, but a pure breed can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase. As a puppy he won’t be able to fight off an intruder and as an old dog his vigor and his senses will be dulled. I’ve also read stories where intruders poisoned the dog before attempting to gain access to the house. This means that you lose your best friend and your security system in one act of depravity.

Using An Security Alarm For Home Security

At this point, you’ve most likely read up on the unbiased alarm blog. You know that security alarms can be monitored and that having an excellent alarm system is like having a team of security experts on-call at all times. An alarm system is an alert system, a 911 call, and a big deterrent to criminals. Not only this, but it does not get sick, does not need to be taken out for walks, and does not have to be boarded when you go on vacation.

The main downsides to alarm systems though are that they will not fight off criminals, they do not work when the power goes out, and you can’t pet them without looking strange.

In the end, I think that a dog should be viewed as a pet that gives you the added benefit of security. If you’d like a pet that can pull security, get a dog. However, if you’re simply looking to make your home more secure, I’d recommend you check out cheap wireless home alarm system companies and get a nice home alarm system.


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