Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protection

If you’re an experienced hunter, you’ve likely learned that hearing is both key to a successful hunt and must be protected during gunfire.  Electronic hearing protection is the answer to both those needs.  It can both protect your ears from gunfire’s loud noise as well as enhance your hearing in the field.

Some of the top electronic hearing protection devices’ are manufactured by ProEars.  Finding the right electronic hearing protection is not very difficult.

Pro Ears Hearing Protection: Advantage Stalker Plus

The Advantage Stalker Plus model both deadens the sound of rifle and shotgun blasts, protecting your ears, but also allows quieter sounds through so you can hear what you need to hear.  This means whispering to another hunter, hearing your prey, or keying on your dog is possible without removing your earmuffs.

Independent volume controls allow you to focus in on sounds and can even help if you are hard of hearing.  Pro Ears Hearing Protection Advantage Stalker Plus also offers a five year warranty making it one of the best devices on the market.

Pro Ears Hearing Protection: ProMag Gold

ProMag Gold is ideal if you are planning on shooting at a practice range, or in any closed environment.  While not ideal for range hunting, this hearing protection device is ideal for practicing skeet shooting or for practice at indoor ranges of all kinds.  When noise levels drop below 33 decibels the ProMag Gold allows radio, CD, cassettes, and other sounds to be piped in.  This hearing protection device is perfect for those who spend most of their shooting time out of the field.

Pro Ear Hearing Protection: Predator 200

For those who need optimum sound amplification for specialized field craft when hunting, but also want the security and safety of hearing protection from firearms noises, the Predator 200 is perfect.  They’re comfortable, convenient, and extremely reliable.


Whatever the hearing device that’s perfect for your needs, Pro Ears will have it in their full line of devices, with prices that allow you to protect your ears AND your wallet.  The Pro Ears name is recognized, respected, and known to provide otpimum hearing protection.

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