Lhasa Apso positive features

– faithful and very tender with its owners, but at the same time apprehensive and quite strict with other people;
– joyful and playful, when you have time. It is patient and soft, when you are busy;
– easily tamed, will fulfill commands with pleasure, is ready to amuse you and will be happy with your laughter and sense of humor, but will not take your teasing that he can clearly distinguish in your intonation;
– very resourceful, happy and creative, but will never be a “jester”;
– tender and careful with small children in the house, and will protect them from strangers;
– equal with teenagers, only has friendship and mutual understanding with them;
– sensitive and vigilant, this dog is considered to be an excellent guard dog (a completely unknown person visiting your house will be strictly controlled by him, and the person’s movements will not be safe without your company);
– brave, self-assured, persistent and agile which made him invincible for other dogs bigger than him;
– able to live with other pets, adjusts quickly, protects them, but tries to be the leader;
– is not fussy with food, but it’s important to remember that it is very easy to spoil a dog of this size;
– the health is talked about above – he is a real mountain centenarian;
– does not have problems in moving, the main thing is to be where his owners are (easily adapts in any climate zones);
– with all his exotic looks, emphasized by his length, fur, falling down to the ground, he is positively different from some of his Asian brethren by having oval non-protruding eyes and a straight snout which is not too short;
– never gets tired in long trips and moving, and is quite happy from short walks when you have no time (he is not demanding);
– his gorgeous fur does not have a typical “dog” smell and it does not shed everywhere, but stays on until the next brushing. Fur care is not complicated but it is necessary (brushing 2-3 times a week). In addition, there are various ways to cut the hair, and in this case the dogs looks will be originally transformed, and you will always be able to have an exotic dogs next to you, that is not different for the outside, and has kept the qualities of the character inside, as well as unique features that are inherent to it and that are highly regarded from the ancient times.

Our little apso is an amazing animal, but it would not be correct to not disclose some of the features of this breed.

Lhasa Apso was born in Tibetan mountains in very harsh climate, and lived among resilient and strong people. It goes without saying that the population of this region also preferred brave, enduring, independent and very devoted dogs. That is why with all their unusual tenderness to their owners, these dogs are cautious about strangers, they watch vigilantly strangers’ actions and not only are not going to be nice with the strangers, but will not let the strangers pet it, and will surprisingly avoid it, or will growl with irritation, or even show his teeth. I am sure that many people will consider this quality as an advantage, and I agree here, but we have to remember about exhibitions where out pet might have to participate in. Not every expert will like a biting dog, that does not allow to touch itself. That is why we have to remember about its other name – apso is a “big dog in a small package” and you have to treat it as a dog, and not a helpless sweet doggie just because it is small. However, even with other breeds it’s important to remember not to indulge the dog too much, or spoil and pamper him too much for it to scrounge off you.


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