Learn How To Train A German Shepherd

A dog is an excellent dog.  They usually enjoy schooling and are quite easy to train.  They like to have an owner who’s firm and obviously in charge, without being tough.  Your dog may be trained using different methods.  You can make your dog feel comfortable with your strategy, as long as you yourself are at ease with the tactic you are making use of.


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Training Your German Shepherd


You can coach your dog at home, on your, or by working with a trainer in a class.  These two techniques will work.  If you train in the home, there are many good training DVDs, CDs, and books to help you with your training.  You can also hire a pro to be your dog’s tutor.


Putting your pet in a class with trainers and other pets will do him good.  You can often make faster progress if you work with a good trainer, especially if you are part of a small class.  A guide can observe what you are doing with your dog and guide you.  You can see things demonstrated in class.  Also, your puppy and you can hang out with other dogs and owners.


What Your German Shepherd Ought to Study


In a basic obedience class your dog should learn to sit, lie down, stay, come when called, heel by your side, and walk on a loose leash without pulling.  Once your puppy knows these fundamental instructions you can work on making them more precise.  Get the elemental instructions right.  Your dog must learn how to follow if you want him to learn other tasks.


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The Method of Training a German Shepherd


Training your German Shepherd should be easy.  Most people prefer positive reinforcement and clicker training.  These strategies can help your puppy comprehend what’s wrong and what’s right.  For constructive reinforcement, you ought to present small rewards for when your puppy does something right.  If he goes against your authority, ignore him.  Soon, your dog will comprehend that good performance is rewarded.


Clicker training is one specific type of constructive reinforcement.  With clicker schooling you use the small metal or plastic clicker to “click” and make a noise when your dog does something you like.  Training can be more precise if you use a clicker.  After each click, you may follow up the reinforcement with a treat.  If not it is just as the positive reinforcement categorized above.  Even after training, your puppy will come to like the clicker.  They learn to associate it with having fun and probably with the food treats.


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Some trainers will probably use the old school way.  If you took your dog schooling class prior to the 1990s this is most likely the way you were taught.  It consists of using a slip chain collar on a dog and giving corrective jerks.  Under the conventional method, physical pressure is needed to make your dog sit or lie down.  These days, it’s rare to find a teacher that still uses these methods.


Wrapping Up


All of the training strategies discussed here will work when it comes to how to coach a German Shepherd.  A dog is very bright and well-mannered.  As the owner, you should know whether your puppy is enjoying the schooling method or not.  Have fun training!


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