Know Your Tri-tronics

For sporting dog collars you can trust, Tri-Tronics is a well-known, quality brand.  Making sure your dog performs well and is your partner instead of your nemesis on the hunt requires training.  These collars can enhance and hone your dog’s natural skills to perfect his performance in the field.

Tri-tronics Collars

Correcting inappropriate behavior or changing bad behavior into good can be done using sport dog collars.  Even in water, Tri-Tronics sporting dog collars work well, with waterproof receivers and transmitters—so even the rain won’t slow you down.  With ten different levels of intensity, a lightweight transmitter, and instant feedback when your dog behaves inappropriately, Tri-Tronics spor dog collars make training faster, easier, and more humane.

Tri-tronics Sport Basic Collar

This collar exhibits the latest in dog collar technology from Tri-Tronics.  Just like other models, the transmitter delivers up to ten levels of electronic stimulation and both collar and transmitter are water proof.  Unlike others, though, this collar has a new feature: its construction.  It’s made from the same material as bulletproof glass, giving it unparalleled strength and durability.  Whether you and your dg are training in the field or the back yard, this durable collar is likely the solution you’re looking for.The latest technology in dog collars from Tri-Tronics is the sport basic dog collar.  As with other models the transmitter delivers up to ten levels of electronic stimulation.  As with other models it is also a waterproof including the receiver in the collar.  One new feature is that the transmitter is made from the same material currently used for bulletproof glass.  Whether your training your dog in the field or at home this durable training collar may be the solution you’re looking for.

How to Use Tri-tronics Sport

You may be unsure how to use these high tech collars.  In addition to using the stimulation that is provided by these high tech collars you should also be using voice commands.  It’s important that you understand that it does take time to train your dog.  Regardless of whether your training a hunting dog or a pet it will take some time for your dog to understand your command as well as the sound of your voice.  You should always attempt voice commands before are you use the electronic stimulation that is offered by these high tech collars.  If in fact your dog ignored your command then you should use the stimulation provided by the electronic collar.  Understanding how dog collars work will help you be more effective in using them to properly train your dog.

Remember when using these dog collars to train a hunting dog that you’re hunting dog instinctively wants to hunt and to be effective hunting companions they will need training.  Using patients in combination with electronic dog collars should help your dog learn your commands quicker.  Be sure when using electronic dog collars that you start with the lowest levels of stimulation.  This will allow you to determine the proper level for your dog.    Regardless of the type of dog you have, the Tri-Tronics electronic dog collar has one that will work for you and for your dog.


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