Innotech Is An Incredible Corporation For Gundog Equipment

Owners of hunting dogs would like a dependable provider of items.   If this is true in your case, then you certainly might be searching for Electonic Dog Fences, electric dog collars, tracking collars or another devices. This is when Innotech could be useful to you.  Innotech has produced a reputation of being a company which is trusted and well known by people who own hunting dogs.  In this article are some merchandise they provide and also the advantages:

Dog Fences:

The Innotech SD2100 Dog Containment Systems enables your dog lots of space to get the exercise he requires when you’re not out hunting and merely don’t have the time and energy to take him for a walk.  This particular system operates with a dog collar that allows signals to be sent from the system to the receiver permitting your dog determine what his boundaries are.

While some owners believe that any kind of electronic jolt system can be harmful for your dog that just is not the situation – they’re completely safe as testified to by a number of people who have effectively utilized these types of items.  
The Innotek SD2100 makes it possible to setup restrictions with your dog and the collar aids your dog understand exactly what those borders are.  With the mild reminder that he’s nearing the limits of the boundary you set your dog will rapidly find out where exactly he can go.  Due to the fact the SD2100 offers enough wiring for approximately 25 acres of property, you can assure your dog has ample area to get the physical exercise he desires and offers you the reassurance knowing he’s safe.

Dog Tracking Collars

Innotek has some of the most modern dog tracking collars that you can buy.  None of us ever would like to worry about our dog vanishing while we are hunting as well as at home.  Thankfully Innotech makes dog tracking collars which not only are waterproof and light-weight, but they also include antennas that permit you to track your dog for several miles.  Both receivers and transmitters play an important role to locate your dog and Innotek provides the high technology you’ll want to be sure that your dog is found easily in the event he runs away.

Electric Dog Collars

If you’re looking for a shock collar, you have a selection of them available to you from Innotek.  In addition to electronic dog collars that help with basic commands, you can also get electronic dog training collars that help them learn about working with other dogs and teaching them basic fundamentals of hunting.


Regardless of your dog supply desires, Innotech is a leader in their industry.  Making certain you have the correct equipment for your dog regardless of whether he’s a pet or a gun dog, Innotech is a trustworthy and reputable supplier.


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