Ideas for Funny Dog Outfits

Dog dress up can be done by anyone, not just celebrities. Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) in the movie Legally Blonde, as well as Paris Hilton, have proved that dogs can be more than pets to people. Dogs are companions you can dress up in fun or funny costumes. Puppy dogs in particular are a joy to pick clothes for. If you’re looking for fun or funny outfits, here are some recommendations for you.

Ideas for Funny Dog Outfits

1. Seasonal Clothes (Summer and Spring)
Tee shirts and shorts are the outfits for spring and summer. Have some shirts custom made for your dog. Add funny messages to the shirts to make your dog stand out and amuse the people who see him

Tank tops are also cute additions to your dog’s summer wardrobe. Hot weather entails shorter clothes, and this is the time to wear those outfits. Outfits can also double as protective barriers against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you’re wondering which materials are perfect for summer or spring, it’s cotton.

2. Owner Dog Combo Outfits
Take your cue from Elle Woods and dress your dog in colors that match your outfit for the day. Matching fabric on your dresses can be spectacular and entertaining. If your dog is male, he can wear a tux when you’re dressed formally. For casual wear, he can wear a plain shirt with shades on. If you’re a woman, your dog can dress up in a formal outfit if you’re wearing an evening gown. Add in a fake mustache or gag glasses to make your dog look funny in his tux.

3. Dog Accessories
If buying dog outfits can be a drain to your budget, simply do with a few outfits and spend a marginal amount on accessories. The accessories will make any old outfit look new. Other dog accessories include caps, bonnets and ribbons.

Before you decide on some outfits, make sure you fit them on your dog. Bring your harness and put it on when you go for a fitting. Go for comfortable materials that you can wear yourself. if an outfit is uncomfortable, you will end up with a cranky dog. Most important of all, make sure your dog is open to wearing the outfits you choose for him.


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