How Will You Determine A Dog With Separation Anxiety?

Pet dogs are hypersensitive like babies and feel depressed and distressed once they are left alone in the home by their own owners. Pet dogs will even grow to be not secure without the presence of their masters, causing them to really feel unsafe even these are in the confinement of the house.

How can you determine a dog with separation anxiety? A dog with separation anxiety will express and display distinct down habits and activities. Most of these behaviors and routines are recognizable each time the master leaves the place and comes back home. Despite the fact that pet dogs are distinctive with each of their behaviors, there are common symptoms of a dog with separation anxiety.

A dog with separation anxiety actually starts to exhibit weird behaviors the moment she or he feels that the master is getting ready to leave. Things like juggling of keys, car ignition, the sound of opening up of the main door, the master putting on shoes and grasping hat – these are usually the factors that induce the dog to begin feeling worried. The pet dog will start up whining and barking in an extraordinarily high-pitched way, signifying that he or she is already having an anxiety attack.

An additional way to figure out a dog with separation anxiety is that if it will show over excitement every time the master comes back home. Extented and lingering greetings are symptoms the pet dog is happy that he or she is not alone at home. Most often than not, the over enthusiasm of the pet dog will end up too physical, to the level of scratching the master’s skin or clothes by way of uncontrolled jumping. Normal pet dogs will only greet its master for a considerable time period and goes back to its routine calmly.

Dog separation anxiety can become severe also and when it is, the dog becomes harmful to your home. It will eventually start marring, burrowing on the floor and so on house corners, and most of all gnawing and ripping on the things at home after the master has left. The dog often does this stuff to try to escape to get to the master. This can be a means of catching the master’s attention and having her or him learn to not ever abandon the dog on it’s own yet again. A pet dog with separation anxiety really should be cared for and taken care of the right way, otherwise the condition can get more serious at a later time.


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