How well does your dog hear

It is not uncommon for people to associate dogs with paranormal happenings. Dogs are well loved animals but an owner can’t help but be annoyed with a pet that howls and stares into nothing especially on dark nights as this behavior is often associated with superstition beliefs that portends tragic incidents. Dogs are even believed to have the ability to foretell death. However, these beliefs are not supported by scientific basis and the dog’s amazing abilities are attributed to the animal’s sensitive senses.

Smell that is a dog’s most important asset is closely followed by the hearing sense. These ultra sensitive senses are the reasons why dogs excel in protection work. Dogs can be relied to sound the alarm if an intruder is seen.

The ears of humans and dogs have an almost similar anatomical characteristics but a dog’s hearing ability is far superior to what humans have. Unlike human ears that are attached close to the head, dog ears are highly movable. The outermost section of a dog’s ears can be tilted, rotated and swiveled independently to capture sounds more efficiently. By moving the ears like a satellite dish, the dog can turn the ears to the exact point where the sound is coming from to better pick up the sound. Law enforcers that use canines take advantage of the dog’s unique ability to move the ears as often times, the direction of the ears discloses the location of a suspect. The type of ears does not impair the hearing ability of a dog. Bloodhounds and other floppy eared breeds can still hear much better than humans.

You may think that the hearing sensitivity of a dog would have some disadvantages because our canine friends will be flooded with sounds. Humans will be inundated by various sounds that are heard simultaneously. Dogs though have a unique ability to tone down the impressive hearing ability by filtering sounds. Humans will surely be pestered by the noise created by playing children especially if more noise is contributed by a blaring stereo but this din will have no effect on a sleeping dog.

Dogs have a unique knack of counteracting their sensitive hearing abilities. Dogs would simply filter the sound. Watch how a dog that would sleep through deafening loud noises would instantly wake up once the rustling sound of kibble on the metal feeder is heard.


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