How to teach a dog to roll over

To roll over is one of the tricks you can teach your pet. Rolling over is usually a trick performed by toy dog breeds but it would certainly be a big accomplishment if you were able to teach a large breed with a cumbersome body to roll over.

Dogs are pack animals thus they would need to have a well defined hierarchy. Dogs may want to be the pack leader but if it is not possible these animals would want to gain the good favors of the alpha male. The dog’s eagerness to please the master makes training much easier. There are tried and tested training techniques but due to individual differences, the chosen method may not work for the pet.

It is necessary to have two or three methods to train the pet so that if one is proven ineffective, the pet owner can use another. Some dogs are food motivated; others would prefer the praise and attention showered by the master. To entice the dog to respond well to training it would be a good idea to know the preferences of the pet.

The roll over trick can be learned easily if the pet was trained to lay down beforehand. For a food motivated dog, use a treat to get the dog interested to the training. After the dog has obeyed the down command, get the dog’s attention by showing the treat in your hand. Hold the treat near the dog’s nose and slowly bring the hand on the dog’s side and over its body. The treat becomes the motivation that will make the dog roll over. Give the roll over command when the dog is seen rolling over and reward the pet when the movement is completed. Immediately bring the hand with the treat close to the dog’s body if the pet tries to stand up.

Repeat the training session whenever possible. The attention span of dogs are short thus you have to make the training enjoyable to hold the interest of the dog. Training the dog to roll over is not an easy task that can be accomplished at once but with lots of patience and determination, a pet owner would soon have a pet that other dog owners would want to have. Although dogs have been the companion of man for the longest time, these animals do not have the capability to read people’s minds and it would be up to the owner to make the pet understand.



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