How to silence the neighbor’s dog

Barking is a natural behavior of dogs and guarding dogs and hounds are specifically trained to bark. An excessively barking dog would get on the nerves of people even those considered to be dog lovers. This concern is worsened by the fact that among the behavioral problems of dogs, barking is the hardest to modify. A dog owner may be able to put up with the pet’s barking but other people will certainly be pestered by the noise. How will you deal with the incessant noise of the neighbor’s dog that pre4vents you from having a good night’s rest?

Dealing with the maddening noise created by the neighbor’s dog is not easy primarily because the dog is not yours. Killing the dog would not be a good solution not if you do not want to have the police in your doorstep. The incessant barking must be stopped if you want to have a good night’s sleep. Complaining about the noisy dog would never be easy and pleasant as you need to maintain good relationship with the neighbor that will be next door for years.

With a friendly approach you can tell the neighbor that you are bothered by the noise created by the dog. You are complaining about the dog but be sure to stay on friendly terms with the neighbor. Talking in a high handed manner will antagonize and make the neighbor defensive. Take not of the date and time of your visit as well as times when the dog has become a nuisance. These records will be needed if you decide to take the problem to the authorities.

If you really want peace but hesitant to have an altercation with the neighbor then you can make use of technology by dipping in your pocket and installing an ultrasonic device. Excessively barking dog are usually those that are kept outdoors. This ultrasonic device will send out a piercing sound that can only be heard by dogs. Irritated by the high pitched sound, the dog will stop barking

If the neighbor has ignored your complaints and the ultrasonic barking device failed to address the concern, you still have another option. Your neighbor has the right to own a dog but you also have the right to live in a peaceful environment. You can go to the police and explain the problem or you can pay the local animal control a visit.



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