How to calm a dog

Dogs are the best friends and protectors of humans. Dogs have made a significant difference to humans way of life. On many occasions, dogs have comforted and manifested their affection to humans. The mere presence of these animals have given pet owners a kind of reassurance that everything will be all right. Dogs are tough and they have gained the reputation of being the defender of their people but such is not always the case. Like humans, dogs too get stressed and it is up to the master to calm the dog.

Different situations in the environment can result to a circumstance where it is necessary to calm the pet. A dog exposed to a stressful situation may frantically bark, salivate excessively, tremble or whine pitifully. Other dogs would react to a stressful environment in a different way. Some dog owners find managing a stressed dog very difficult. Loud noises such as the sound of thunder and firecrackers, unfamiliar faces and places as well as new situations would trigger the nervous behavior of dogs.

Constant exposure to the objects and situations that triggers nervousness would develop fear phobia in the dog. As such it would not be impossible for the pet’s quality of life to be affected. Naturally, no pet owner would want to forever deal with a highly stressed dog. It is but necessary for pet owners to know how to calm the pet.

A pet owner can help the pet by knowing what causes the stress so that the situation can be avoided. Avoiding stressful situations would not be always possible thus the best thing an owner can do is to find effective ways to calm the pet.

Dogs appreciate being petted. Pet owners use massage to calm the pet. Slow circular movements of the hand that starts from the head to the tip of the tail will be very calming for the dog. Apart from being naturally curious, dogs are food motivated as well so that Kong toys will remove the dog’s attention from whatever is causing the stress and the efforts to get the food from the Kong toy will eventually calm the pet. Dogs are highly energetic animals. To calm the pet, an owner must ensure that the dog is given sufficient opportunities to exercise as tired dog are calm dogs. Have you tried the trick of yawning to calm your hyper pet? Dogs are calmed if humans are seen yawning.


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