How old should your dog be before it can get pregnant?

Do you know when your dog can get pregnant? Taking a dog for a pet is a big responsibility – much much more than the task of providing the pet with food. The association of man and dog has been going on for hundreds of years. Dogs have become the helper and protector of man. For these reasons, a dog owner has the responsibility of knowing when the pet will attain full sexual maturity.

Anyone would be attracted by cuddly bundles of fur. Puppies would bring lots of fun times to the family especially if there are children as kids and dogs are known to form legendary attachment. For some dog owners, the arrival of new puppies will be a much awaited moment. Other owners though would not want to have additional dogs – probably due to space, financial and time constraints.

Thus, when no homes were found, the poor puppies would be abandoned or “donated” to animal shelters. These “surplus” dogs commonly have a tragic end as most are put to sleep. This is one of the most important reason why a dog owner has to be aware of the time when the pet can get pregnant. Do not forget to read up on how you can tell if your dog is pregnant.

Dogs are known to differ not only in personalities but in reproductive cycle as well. A lot of dogs would reach social maturity at an advance age as the puppy-like exuberance will be retained even if the dog matures. Sexual maturity of dogs differs from dog to dog but smaller breeds gain sexual maturity much earlier than larger breeds. For instance toy breeds would go into first heat at six months or even at four months and when mated will get pregnant. It is quite ironic really because large dogs, the breed that could have been ready to carry puppies because of the size are the ones that get sexually mature at a later age. Large breeds of dogs like a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard would come into first heat and would accept the attention of male dogs after reaching 18 to 24 months of age. The pet can get pregnant if mated within the 7 to 10 days in heat period.

Small breed come into heat at an early age but breeding is not recommended if the dog has not yet passed the 2nd or 3rd heat cycle. Older and bigger dogs would be more ready to sustain the pregnancy. A very young dog that is not yet ready to get pregnant can lose the puppies or worst can lose its life.


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