Good Idea to Give Your Puppy Bullysticks?

There is nothing nicer than watching your dog having a lot of fun. Whether he is running around running after squirrels, being scratched on the belly, or perhaps enjoying his favorite treat, everyone loves sharing a fun moment with a happy dog. There’s a treat you can offer your dog that takes this happiness to a whole new level – Bullysticks.

Want to know what Bully Sticks are made of?

We all want to make sure that the treats we give our dogs are nourishing, so it is only natural to wonder what Bully Sticks are made of. Okay. I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath. Are you ready? Good. Bullysticks are made from the private parts of bulls. Ahh, now the whole name thing is making sense to you, right?

Okay, it may not be the most pleasant thought, but Bully Sticks are 100% protein. The main source of these treats that get dogs all worked up is made from muscle tissue. That means that Bully Sticks are a healthy source of protein that is great for dogs. Yes, there’s no doubt that the bull gets the short end of the stick on this one, but you can’t argue with results. Dogs love Bully Sticks and these treats are good for your pet too.

Other popular dog treats beside Bully Sticks

A lot of people let their dogs go hog wild on rawhide treats, and never think twice about it. Rawhides are certainly one of the most popular dog treats, but they are certainly not beneficial for you dog’s wellbeing. Some dogs get seriously ill from eating them and they do not digest well at all. If given the choice between something healthy that your dog will enjoy, and something they might enjoy that isn’t healthy, I would rather give the dog the healthier choice.

There are other treats that dogs love, like roasted pig ears for dogs, contain a lot of protein. Bullysticks are not the only high protein, healthy treats; you do have choices.

What’s most important is buying a healthy treat that your dog enjoys playing with and eating. We may never know why, but dogs just go crazy for Bully Sticks. They can’t tell us why find them so darn delicious, so we just have to trust in the reaction they give when you give them one to gnaw on.

The mere scent of Bully Sticks alone can get a dog’s heart racing. Once they are able to bite into one, it’s like watching a kid on Christmas morning. Hey, you just can’t account for taste. A Bully Stick isn’t something any of us are likely to eat any time soon, but that doesn’t mean we should deprive our furry friends. Besides, nothing beats the appreciation dogs show when you give them a treat that they really love.


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