Getting a German Shepherd for Protection

When considering a German Shepherd for defense it is important that the required training be accomplished by a pro, in the field. The fundamental instructions like sit and stand must be there. Your dog must be well-trained enough to not hesitate when you give a fundamental command. This will demonstrate to the specialist that the dog is ready for the protection instructions and will probably react well to the instruction. There are many things to think about when training a German Shepherd for protection.

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Protection from a German Shepherd is unique. Their ancestors have been defending sheep and cattle for a long time. The trainability of the German Shepherd for defense is beyond doubt. They need to be totally loyal to the owner to become great at defense. Be careful. You should hold enough authority over him to give orders from a distance. Distance from the owner shouldn’t interfere with the understanding of the dog.

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Wear a padded suit


Padded suit training will become the initial obstacle that the dog will have to address. By nature your dog will be suspicious of the individual in the padded suit and will want to investigate him. A professional will tell you how to act. Your tone and speech alone should be able to instruct your dog. It is a proven fact that your dog will become aggressive towards the padded suit without much aggravation. The pro will teach you the accurate words to use with your shepherd to initiate the defense mode of the dog. These words shouldn’t be used during normal training. You will be taught how to “send” your dog and how to stop a “send” in midstream. Your command should be adequate to curb the aggressive stance of your dog.


Rewards are also important in protection training. Rewards are incentives. A German Shepherd for security is a great choice for a working dog. He will still be an outstanding pet. You will be able to see your puppy in a new light. These dogs want to protect their owners and family and will react on their own if the conditions warrant an aggressive posture.


Choose the Teacher Well


A specialist in protection instructor is needed. It can be a pain to unlearn all the bad schooling given by an amateur. A German Shepherd with security skills can be excellent as a pet.

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