German Shepherds as Protection

A pro trainer is needed if you want to train your German Shepherd for protection. For your dog to be successful, the animal must have a great command of the basic instructions first. When telling the dog to “sit”, the dog must respond immediately. Commands for defense training are more advanced. There are some stuff that need to be considered when training a German Shepherd for protection.

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A German Shepherd’s defense is special. Their ancestors have been protecting sheep and cattle for a long time. German Shepherds are perfect for defense training. The loyalty and close bonding allow for the best level of protection training. Be wary of some things. The dog should be able to follow orders from afar. Distance from the owner should not interfere with the understanding of the dog.


Wear a Padded Suit


The padded suit training phase is one of the most difficult . By nature your dog will be suspicious of the individual in the padded suit and will want to investigate him. A pro will coach you on how you must act. Your tone and speech alone should be able to order the dog. Without provocation, the dog may attack the wearer of the padded suit. You should use the proper orders for security training. These words should not be used during normal training. You should be able to send your dog to attack and stop the attack. The dog should be able to curb his violent behavior at your command.

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In normal training, rewards are still significant. Rewards are incentives for improved training. A German Shepherd can turn into a working dog on the ranch if he has protection training. He will turn into the best pet. You will be able to see your dog in a new light. These dogs want to protect their owners and family and will respond on their own if the conditions warrant an aggressive posture.

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The Importance of the Coach


Get a trainer who can really teach you how to give defense training. It can be a pain to undo all the terrible schooling given by an amateur. The protection dog will be an excellent family member and you will take pleasure in having him around.


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