German Shepherd Training Advice

Who is in charge? This is one question that has to be answered if you wish to own a German Shepherd. Due to the size of German Shepherds, the owner must stay in control of the dog. Be the leader of your dog. Once the dog understands this multifaceted relationship, training should flow easily and the owner will be happy and the dog will be comfortable fitting into his owner’s house. As the “alpha”, the owner must never surrender his leadership for even one minute. Your puppy is very intelligent so you should not underestimate him. German Shepherd dog training is not as complicated as it may seem.

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How to Start Training?


You lead and he follows. Your puppy will accept this set up. When a German Shepherd puppy moves into a family setting, things must be figured out so your dog will see all of the family in a position of authority. You should coach each family member on ways to treat your pet. Training shouldn’t be hampered by too much pampering. Regular instruction is required. All German Shepherd young puppies will come equipped with their own understanding of how life is to be led and given the prospect, they will reveal their intelligence by assuming the leadership position. This is the very reason that German Shepherd dog schooling must start immediately.

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What you should know about  German Shepherd Dog Schooling.


German Shepherd young puppies are very clever. The shepherd originates from an extended line of the herding family. They are experienced at duties and training. When given a job to do, the shepherd responds quickly and thrives on doing the job correctly. This single fact will demonstrate to the new owner that this is an animal that must be challenged and German Shepherd dog instruction is simply the beginning of his learning. The shepherd calls for a considerable amount of exercise which can be in addition to his common training.  German Shepherds are aloof to other creatures when not trained. Socializing is a must for the shepherd and should start as soon as your dog is brought house for the very first time.


The dog will begin to understand what you want from the very beginning if you spend time training your dog. Remember, do not change your approach to rewarding a reasonable response by your dog. It does not make any difference what that word is if it’s the one you utilize all the time for one command. You cannot expect him to know what you want him to do if you use varying instructions.

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Expectations on your part.


Your German Shepherd can get bored. This can be a hindrance to your German Shepherd’s training.  In time, your puppy’s attention span may become longer. Pick a simple command like “sit” and work with that command only until your dog comes to grasp what it is that you want. 


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