Exactly What Dogtra Electronic Dog Collars?

If you’ve just ordered or received a dog, should it be a dog for hunting or a working dog, you are probably going to have to provide it with some training.  Cooperation and efficient, safe training are paramount to achievements, so you will be looking for a approach to accomplish these three objectives.

The Dogtra Electric dog collar is possibly the solution, since it has been for a lot of hunting and sporting dog owners.  This is among the best brands of electric dog collars – and for good reason.

These collars incorporate some great features, including:

Safety Features: no static impulse is obtainable above a safe level with no “accidental” jolt is possible, nor are continual stimulations because of some thing sticking on the button or holding it down.

Waterproof: these collars are absolutely water resistant and work equally as well wet as they do dry. Important if your dog is a water dog, for example a retriever.

Controlled Stimulation: you can actually control the stimulation, when it’s administered, as well as the level the stimulation takes (power and also duration), within the safety restrictions of the collar.

Pager: you can also make use of the system to train your dog to respond (or provide him a “heads up”) without having to use the static stimulation.

Many think that static collars (often inaccurately identified as “shock” or “stun” collars) are inhumane.  Any individual that has used one, or who cares enough about their dog to test one, knows that this is completely incorrect.  These are veterinarian-approved collars that are safe, effective, and possibly the most humane method to teach a dog.  Absolutely no choking, collar pulling, emotional outbreaks (yelling/screaming) are essential for these collars to operate successfully.  The key to the success of these collars is not the “shock” they provide, but the shock that the static gives to the dog, surprising him out of his bad behavior.  

The available Dogtra Electric dog collar models that are offered right now are:

Dogtra 200NCP Gold Dog shock collar

The Dogtra 200NCP Gold is ideal for the smaller or medium-sized dog which is not usually more than a half a mile from you when you are training.  Numerous non-sporting or smaller sized sporting breeds, for example terriers and beagles, will be sized good for these types of collars.  The unit is light-weight but still has a reputable range (880 yards) in good conditions.

Dogtra 175NCP Dog training collar

It is Dogra’s top-notch system, the Dogtra 175NCP is water resistant and also works up to Four hundred yards away.  While not necessarily perfect for hunters or longer-range trainers (scent dogs, flushers, etc.), this unit is great for the household pet and also closer-to-home dog that doesn’t tend to roam far.  

Both types of Dogtra Electronic Dog Training Collars are secure and efficient for training your dog-whether it is a hunter or even a family pet (or both).  Additional safety characteristics imply that your dog won’t be wounded during training.  These certainly are a safe, humane, and efficient way to train your dog to become all that they can be!


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