Enjoy Looking at These Valuable Turkey Hunting Supply Evaluations

Rocky Snake Footwear

Rocky has hit the turkey woods operating with their snake boots.  These boot footwear supply practically everything the turkey hunter could ask for when chasing longbeards inside the spring from the year.  They give a couple diverse soul designs that present a grip on all kinds of terrain, irrespective of whether you are climbing loose gravel ridges, muddy swamp bottoms, or grassy hills, they’re able to handle it.  The soles hold on tight to the stuff you want and release the stuff you do not because of their self-cleaning design.  The 15″ Cordura uppers are backed with Gor-Tex to keep you dry on the method to the roost, especially walking through tall grass or small creeks that were deeper than you thought.  All and all, these boots are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable and snakeproof, a should for the turkey hunter that doesn’t generally tread lightly.

Carlson’s XX-Full Turkey Choke

These choke tubes are created to shoot ultra-tight pattern densities out of just about any shotgun with an interchangeable choke system.  With an extended parallel section to stabilize the shot before it leaves the gun, these tubes generate even, consistently tight patterns with super high core densities positive to ruin any gobblers day.  The Carlson’s line of turkey choke tubes present each ported and non ported selections.  The ported version provides an opportunity for the gasses to release over a longer location at the end with the barrel, therefore minimizing the muzzle jump and recoil that a few of the those magnum turkey loads can deliver.  Carlson’s chokes are developed to fit most shotguns and are offered in unique constrictions designed for optimum patterning of the size shot you desire to shoot.  A must have when heading out immediately after spring gobblers.

TruGlo Gobble Stopper Red Dot

It was a poor day to be a turkey when TruGlo introduced the Gobble Stopper red dot style scope.  This waterproof red dot scope will be the ultimate technique to top off the “ol’ faithful” turkey gun.  This scope features a rheostat controlled brightness that illuminates the 3-MOA dot that is in the middle of a circle.  This circle is equal to a 24” circle at 30 yards.  This gives you an idea of how close a bird is by how much with the circle he fills up.  This scope also has infinite eye relief, which means it won’t black out on you if you’re not in the perfect position, and a field of view equal for your personal peripheral vision.  What this implies is the fact that once you appear through this scope with each eyes open it pretty much disappears and leaves a red dot in your vision.  Regardless of what position your head is in, should you can see the dot you may hit your target.  It’s also an incredible selection for persons that where bifocals and have an issue with choosing which to help keep in focus … the bird or the sights.  With a red dot style, it fools the eyes in to thinking they are in the identical spot.  This scope will make your hunts more relaxing by allowing you to focus on the bird and not on lining up your beads and creating positive your head is down on the stock.  Just zero the scope like any other.  There is certainly no far more compensating if your gun shoots high, low, left or correct.  Put the dot on his head and take your gobbler house.  

Winchester Supreme HV Turkey Loads

The Winchester Supreme HV turkey loads are a no-frills, difficult hitting, terrific patterning load.  They do not pack the punch to your wallet that a number of the other “performance” loads do, but  generate awesome results on the range and within the field out to as far as I care to shoot.  Moving out at a blistering 1300 fps, these shells pack 1 ¾ oz.’s of shot into a 3” shell and two oz.’s in to the 3.5” shell.  The loads are buffered for better patterning performance, as well as the shot is copper plated so it holds its shape and hits hard.  From shell to shell and box to box, they maintain a single factor that I need to have from a shell when I put it in my gun and head towards the field, and that is consistency.

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