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For those who have over a single canine that you’re working at a time, you may choose to save a great deal of time by coaching all the canines at when, rather than instruction a single at a time.  And you can do this by applying 1 transmitter and multi family dog receivers.  

It truly is just as easy to use a multi canine method as it is single canine technique.  Every single dog gets a unique receiver that’s generally color coded.  The trick is always to know which canine friend is wearing which color coded receiver.  

On your transmitter, you might also have the identical color codes and distinct toggles that can enable you to correct a single canine friend with no correcting the entire lot.  Most multi canine systems will allow you to train as much as six dogs at a time.  You’ll be able to use a single transmitter that may enable you to train all three k-9s or a unique unit for every single puppy, though it truly is easier going the one particular transmitter route.  You just need to be sure which puppy is wearing which color.

To generate items basic on yourself, make sure that when you take your canines out, you make them wear the identical color coded receivers every time.  If you have to write this down somewhere, do that.  You can soon get to know each dog’s personality and traits so it will get easier every time you go out with them to train.  

If you are instruction your gun dogs by applying instruction collars as corrective devices, it’s ineffective to right a family dog that is not doing something incorrect.  This may well undermine your previous training efforts.  For this cause, it is actually imperative that you know which canine friend is committing the infraction when you are utilizing the transmitter.  

1 difficulty that some trainers have with applying exactly the same program on multi canines is the fact that distinct pet dogs need distinct levels of stimulation to obtain them to obey directions.  Once you have precisely the same transmitter, you may be sending too powerful or too weak a signal to a puppy that requires stronger or much less stimulation. This is some thing to think about when you are thinking of making use of multi canine friend instruction systems versus single family dog coaching systems.  

It is also advisable, even once you are using the multi dog method, to take some time with each and every from the pet dogs individually to acquire them to train at household.  Of course, you will not would like to do this on the field, but by spending extra time with them coaching at residence, you may come across that you simply will have better results on the field.  

Once you first determine to begin operating over a single canine, you might want to start out with only two at a time.  It is not advisable for the novice trainer to begin instruction six pet dogs at one particular time with a multi puppy technique.  You are superior off to understand how the transmitter and receivers work, at the same time because the time and energy it takes to train a canine (while these dog training collars cut the time in half) ahead of you start taking on the task of instruction multiple pet dogs.  Nonetheless, when you may have mastered the use in the electronic dog training collar and successfully trained your first canine friend, you will discover it just as simple to train a number of pet dogs at a  time.  Just make sure that you know which dog is wearing which color coded receiver collar.


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