Easy Solutions Of Collie Health Problems

Dogs, like all other animals, are given to medical problems. If you are about to bring a collie home, it is crucial to learn the various collie health problems to be able to be sufficiently prepared. Most people neglect their dogs they fall ill and sometimes die. Some believe that the illness will just go away and will just take any step when they believe that their dogs are so ill. Like humans, dogs will have to be taken up the vet when they show any manifestation of illness and have regular check ups to arrest any diseases. Some of the health problems you must know about include hip dysplasia, collie nose, collie eye abnormalities, kennel cough, bloat and epilepsy.

Hip dysplasia is probably the common collie health problems which is a condition that involves abnormal formation of hip joints. This disorder may be detected at 8 months and beyond since this is if the dog has reached skeletal maturity. The principle causes are genetic related, obesity due to poor diets, and loss of focus. A puppy it doesn’t exercise enough and eats low protein food is at more probability of experiencing this problem. This illness might be properly diagnosed through x-ray. If left unattended, hip dysplasia can result in arthritis and crippling which can both be very painful to your collie. The procedure will incorporate surgical intervention or perhaps medication.

Collie health problems include collie nose which is a condition causing lesion for your dog’s nose, eyelids and lips. The root cause of collie nose is low or lack of skin pigment. It really is however aggravated by contact with sunlight. Treatment ought to be carried out immediately to prevent further damage. There are options apply for which include permanent tattooing to darken the pigment, less contact with sunlight and application of sunscreen.

Collie eye abnormalities (CEA) are the inherited collie health problems. It’s a genetic condition that creates abnormal growth and development of the dog’s eyes. The problem affects the sclera, retina and cornea. Collie eye abnormality may be mild with partial blindness or why not be extreme where your pet will likely be totally blind. Unfortunately, there isn’t any known remedy for this disorder. One and only thing that can be done is tests conducted on parents to ascertain the potential for the offspring struggling with this disorder, in fact prevention surpasses cure.

Epilepsy is yet another one of the collie health problems you ought to know of. This can be a neurological health problem which involves the roll-out of seizures. It is usually acquired or congenital and will be controlled through medication. Bloating is an additional health issue that you should understand mainly because it causes gastric dilation and could be painful on your dog. You need to therefore bring them towards the vet at once. Kennel cough is often a dry cough with a thick nasal discharge, lethargy and fever. It’s caused by the planet you dog is in and will easily be treated if you use antibiotics.


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