Dog Temperature 100

Dogs are strong and tough animals however they get sick just like humans and any other animal in the world. It is important to treat your dog but figuring out whether your dog is sick is much more essential in the first place. Not knowing that your dog is sick could result in much worst problems that could arise. Getting your dog’s temperature may appear ridiculous at first but it’s important as it’s one of the best approaches to know if your dog is not feeling well.

Not like humans, dogs have a hotter body temperature. For humans, body temperatures are considered normal below 99 degree Fahrenheit, but for dogs, the normal range is considered to be at 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re not aware, this could result in confusion as dogs have higher body temperatures compared to humans which you might think that dog has a fever though they are just in the normal range. The main reason why dogs normally have warmer temperatures is due to their thick fur and also their ability to withstand in the cold much better than us humans. Therefore, if you plan to get the temperature of your dog and it is ranging from 101-102 degree Fahrenheit, you won’t need to worry about since this is the normal range for dogs.

Only you will consider your dog to be sick or feverish when they have a body temperature of 104 F or over. In some cases, dogs can even exceed 105F but this is very rare and should be handled instantly. These temperatures usually be reached during the hot summer days which does not always suggests that your dog has a cold. If at all possible in this instance, you should help your dog out by simply cooling it down. As an example, if your dog has a higher body temperature during a hot summer day, give it a bath or take it inside so that it can find some shade off the sun.

A dog fever is just like a human fever and the signs and symptoms are comparatively the same. In case your dog has a fever you’ll immediately see a change in its behavior. For instance, if the dog appears to be depressed, it won’t be as lively as normally and it will look for any quiet spot to lay down. One other good way to find out if your dog is sick is by noticing a reduced appetite, but in the end, the only way to find out for sure is by actually getting the dog’s body temperature. This is not done the same way as it’s with humans. To have the dog’s temperature, it will need at least two people since it is going to be unpleasant for the dog and it may struggle, specifically if your dog is very big. Using a digital thermometer, you will need to lubricate it and insert it to the rectum in order to get the temperature since the mouth is not an option because a dog’s mouth is not associated with its body temperature. The second person is there to assist you hold the dog down while you take the temperature.

Having the capacity to detect your dog’s fever is significant but once you are aware that the dog has a fever you do not necessarily have to do anything over it. A fever is an indication that the body is fighting to cure on its own. The best thing you should do is to wait for a few days and it will more likely to cure itself and entirely will disappear. However, if the fever is combined with other symptoms maybe it’s a different type of more serious disease. At few instances, it will only need antibiotics to cure it but a dog’s fever is not always mean a horrible thing.


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