Dog First Aid – Impalement

Bleeding wounds, various nicks and cuts, fractures…these are only some of the common injuries dogs have but impalement injuries is not really a common injury of dogs. Due to the active and playful personalities, accidents can never be prevented and impalement is one of the injuries dogs can get. Due to the inquisitive nature that puts them in tight spots, dogs are always injured. Ingestion of poisonous substances, bloat or a blockage caused by the ingestion of a foreign object are injuries that would make a dog owner take a few minutes to recognize the true condition of the pet. With an impalement, the dog owner will notice the dog’s injury at once and will not be left guessing what happened to the pet.

An impalement injury can happen if the dog has fallen from heights and got impaled by a tree branch or speared by a fence. Impalement can occur if a dog that runs with a stick in the mouth stumbles and the stick is shoved into the mouth. A dog that has the propensity to roam, to trespass and to wreck other people’s property can be impaled with the arrow of a mean person.

The impalement injury can be so serious to cause the death of the dog. Dogs are hardy animals and some minor impalement injuries would not really have serious effects on the pet. Serious or non-serious, an impalement injury would need a vet’s attention. A dog owner may not think of bringing the pet to a vet if the small stick that has impaled the dog on the chest was removed. However, the condition of the dog may be more serious than it appears to be. A vital organ may have been affected by the object that has impaled the dog. Internal bleeding is another possible outcome of an impalement injury.

Impalement injury requires urgent medical attention but first aid measures will be necessary to stabilize the condition and to prevent the foreign object from causing more damage.

Dogs in pain can turn aggressive and an impalement injury would certainly cause the dog immense pain. Use a muzzle to prevent the dog from snapping. The foreign body that was stuck into the dog must not be removed. The owner has to calm the dog so that movement of the dog and the foreign object will be minimized. Moving the foreign object stuck into the dog could cause more internal damage. However if the object that has impaled the dog is stationary such as a steel bar on a fence, the dog can be removed gently. The removal of the object must be done gently and bleeding must be controlled while the pet is rushed to the hospital.



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