Dog first aid – An essential knowledge for every dog owner

Dog lovers would urge their friends to get a dog for a pet. Dogs are aptly dubbed as man’s best friends because they make wonderful companions but getting one would be a big responsibility. Dogs are indiscriminate eaters, very inquisitive and known to have an energetic nature. It would not be surprising if these animals would be embroiled in adventures that can result to injuries. Dog owners therefore must always be ready to deal with such situations.

Accidents cannot be totally prevented. Do you know what must be done to a dog that has ingested chocolates or has fallen off the stairs? Do you know how to deal with the injuries sustained by the pet while chasing smaller animals? One time or another, a pet parent will have to deal with situations like these. A dog owner has to know how to administer first aid treatment to the pet. Veterinary care would certainly be needed but the dog owner’s first aid know how can save the life of the pet.

By administering first aid treatments, the pet owner can save the dog from pain, can prevent the dog’s condition from deteriorating and in to save the life of the pet as well. Many dog owners have no idea how to deal with the condition of the pet. Dog owners would know that something happened if the dog is seen bleeding. However, not many dog owners can recognize signs that the dog was poisoned or that the dog is in shock.

Staying calm is the best thing a dog owner can do. Rushing to a veterinary facility is the first reaction of a pet owner. Unfortunately, many pets have died before reaching the veterinary facility. The pet’s life could have been saved had the owner given the necessary first aid. With a well stocked first aid kit, first aid knowledge and common sense, a pet owner can deal with any emergency situations involving the pet. The owner has to act quickly but the injured pet must be thoroughly and carefully examined. Stressed dogs can manifest irrational behaviors thus the owner has to be careful in handling the pet. Check the airways. There should be visible chest movements. Towels or bandages can be used to apply pressure in order to stem the flow of blood.

Accidents involving the dog would always happen thus a pet owner has to be competent in administering first aid. First aid for pets would not be too different from first aid for humans. Knowing what must be done would give the pet greater chance to survive.



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