Discover Ways To Pick Out The Perfect Dogtra Shock Collar

In order to train your hunting dog to obey you then you are searching for a product that is dependable, safe and simple to use go to  Such products are accessible through Dogtra who offers products which are easy to work with, and cost effective as well.  Dogtra finds a way to provide electric dog collars that are ideal for gun dogs, pets and service dogs and all of them are economical to work with.

The Dogtra name is recognized as one of several top lines of electronic dog collars – they are maybe most widely known for finding a way to create products that are sturdy, have sufficient features and are also waterproof as well.   Dogtra Obedience and Service K9 Series items have all the options that hunting dog owners need to help them with the training of their dogs regardless of the type of hunting dog that you are training.

One of the exceptional features of the Dogtra electric dog collars is their low profile, that permits you to position the collar on your gun dog which will help prevent others from identifying them as a electric dog training collar.  In addition to their water-resistant receivers, these collars are especially great for small and mid-sized dogs. The Dogtra dog training collars are also the collar of choice for training service dogs along with family pets.

Yet another fantastic feature that lots of consumers value is the ‘nick’ feature on the Dogtra electric dog collars.  The nick feature lets electronic correction for just a brief fraction of time so that your hunting dog gets the message with as little stimulation as is possible. For individuals who realize that they want more stimulation to train their bird dog the Dogtra collars also provide a consistent correction feature in addition to the ability to change the power of the correction as required.  Dogtra has an distinctive pager function that is not seen on any other system that allows you to correct your dog’s behavior without resorting to any electronic stimulation as well.  Dogtra has taken under consideration that trainers occasionally feel the need to make use of various corrections based on the individual dog’s behaviour. The Dogtra collars makes it possible for this versatility in training which can give you more affect in your training.

Click here should you are searching for the best attainable value and every one of the features, you will need to train your hunting dog you will need to look at the Dogtra 200NCP Gold, which provides not only the absolute best value but also each of the features you need to train your dog. The Dogtra 200NCP Gold offers the following features:

  • Collar extends up to 18”
  • NI-MH Batteries included (long life)
  • Operating range around ½ mile
  • Light weight receiver
  • Light weight transmitter
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional automobile charger
  • Available dummy collar
  • Manuals in print and electronic formats   
  • Whether you have a family pet, a show, working or gun dog, Dogtra has thought of everything which you might need to properly train your dog!



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